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==Player Characters==
==Player Characters==
* '''[[Dark Room Khamphong King|Khamphong "Rose" King]]''', Thyrsus; played by [[User:rufuscub|A.J.]]
* '''[[Dark Room Khamphong King|Khamphong "Rose" King]]''', [[Thyrsus]]; played by [[User:rufuscub|A.J.]]
* '''[[Dark Room Harry Olson|Harry Olson]]''', Moros; played by [[User:Turanod|Dan]]
* '''[[Dark Room Harry Olson|Harry Olson]]''', [[Moros]]; played by [[User:Turanod|Dan]]
* '''[[Carol Grayson]]''', Acanthus; played by [[User:LazarusPDX|Kurt]]
* '''[[Carol Grayson]]''', [[Acanthus]]; played by [[User:LazarusPDX|Kurt]]
* '''[[Dark Room Vivian Blackstone|Vivian Blackstone]]''', Mastigos; played by Charley
* '''[[Dark Room Vivian Blackstone|Vivian Blackstone]]''', [[Mastigos]]; played by Charley

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Player Characters



Brooklyn Neighborhood

Brooklyn Neighborhood
Chases: -2 dice
Stealth: +2 dice
Perception (Hearing): –1 die

A neighborhood in SE Portland

  • Maple Shade Apartments, a newly-built apartment block in the Brooklyn neighborhood
    • The Dark Room, a strange room that doesn't seem to exist anywhere, accessible only to a few of the Maple Shade's residents.
  • VIBE Disco, an aging disco in the neighborhood.


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