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Droids are built as secondary or teriary characters, much like organics.

They are divided into one of 5 classes, which are determine the droids primary purpose. A Droids class determines the Abilities that may be purchased with the Droids Experience during creation. Unless otherwise noted, Droids do not gain Experience Points after Creation. The Abiltiies Droids may purchase are listed under the entry for that Droids Class. Unlike Characters, Droids may only ever have a maximum of 5 Ranks in any Ability.

Droids also do not gain Destiny Points. Instead, Droids gain Customizations, which may be used to purchase Droids Qualities.

Droid Classes

Class One Class One Droids are used in Hard Sciences and Medicine. (Medical Droid)

  • Awareness
  • Cunning
  • Healing
  • Knowledge

Class Two These Droids work in Engineering and technical Sciences (Astromech)

  • Awareness
  • Cunning
  • Knowledge
  • Mechanics

Class Three Class Three Droids are programmed in 'Human Services' (Protocal Droids)

  • Awareness
  • Persuasion
  • Presence
  • Will

Class Four These droids are programmed for Combat. (Security and Battle Droids)

  • Awareness
  • Athletics or Agility
  • Endurance
  • Fighting or Marksmanship

Class Five Class Five droids are used for menial labor.

  • Athletics
  • Endurance
  • Mechanics
  • Survival

Customizations and Defects

Custimzations are used to purchase Droid Customization Qualities, in a similar way to Destiny Points with other Characters. Unlike Destiny Points, however, Droids customizations cannot be used for the other meriad purposes that Destiny provide.

Defects are are effectively Droid Drawbacks, and the function in an identical way, granting a Droid an additional Customazation on a 1 for 1 basis.

Each Teriary Droid gains 1 Customization and 1 Defect.

Secondary Droids gain 1 Customization and 1 Defect, but my take additional Defects to increase the number of Customizations they may purchase.


Heuristic Processor - an upgraded droid proccessing unit that allows the Droid to learn from experience. The Droid now gains and may expend Experience Points. They gain Experience as a Secondary Character.

Adapted Modification - When purchasing this Customization, you may choose an Ability that the Droid does not have based on its Class, and add it to the Droids list of Class Abilities.

Alternate Propulsion - The Droid has a non standard means of locumtion. This may be repulsors or thrusters, giving them limited flight, spider-legs or tracked rollers, allowing them to circumvent obsticles, or other similar changes. Your Droid may ignore Obsticles that would impede Movement.

Advanced Programming - Choose a Specialty your Droid has atleast 1 Rank in. When testing that Specialty, the Droid gains +1D.

Complex Algorithims - The Droids superior programming logic allows it to identify multiple courses of action simultaniously and choose the most effective. Choose an Ability from the Droids Class list. When testing that Ability the Droid may reroll a number of 1's equal to 1/2 its ranks in that Ability.

Internal Armament - the Droid has a built in, usually highly illegal, weapon system.

Armor - the Droid has been outfitted with dense protective material, giving it armor. Your Droid now adds its Rank in Endurance as its Armor Rating.

Extended Databank - Select an Ability. When you are called on to make a Routine Success with that Ability you may substitue the Droids Knowledge instead. This if most often installed in Protocal Droids for the Language Ability.