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Ed is the Chief of Training for the New York Fire Department, where he has worked for 31 years. He eagerly looks forward to his retirement next year. Ed is a brown belt Judo martial artist and coaches girls softball at the school his children had attended.
Ed is a beer connoisseur, watches rugby, enjoys science fiction, martial arts and wushu films, is a fan of jazz music and likes to read alternative history and about eastern philosophy and spiritualism. Ed recently gave up a 30 year smoking habit and now uses an e-cigarette. He is a proud "glass-hole" and wears his Google-Glass headset almost everywhere he goes.
Ed has two daughters, a son and twin granddaughters. He and his wife of 24 years, had divorced six years ago when their youngest child had left home to attend college, though they had been separated and seeing other people since he had come out to her as gay a decade prior to their divorce. Though they when through some rough patches, in the end they emerged as extremely close friends and continue to be united as parents to their children.
Ed and his son regularly play online games together and he has been playing in his daughters Shadowrun game since she started running it when she was a teenager.
Ed currently shares a condo with two roommates, his dog and their cats.

Character Record

Hero: Ouroboros; Identity: Edward John Edwards; Power Level: 10,
Ethnicity: Caucasian; Age: 52; Sex: male; Height: 5' 8"; Weight: 250 lbs.; Eyes: grey-blue; Hair: light brown & grey;

  • Abilities: Strength 1, Stamina 8, Agility 3, Dexterity 2, Fighting 4, Intellect 0, Awareness 2, Presence 0
  • Defense:
    • Dodge: (AGL)+2 = 5 (+5 vs. AE)
    • Parry: (FGT) = 4
    • Fortitude: (STA)+2 = 10
    • Toughness: (STA) = 8 (+4 active defense)
    • Will: (AWE)+4 = 6
  • Offense: Unarmed
    • Initiative: x
    • Hero Points: 1
  • Skills:
    • Acrobatics: (AGL)+2 = +13
    • Athletics: (STR)+4 = +5
    • Close Combat: (FGT)+6 = +10
    • Deception: (PRE)+0 = 0
    • Expertise (Law): (INT)+2 = +2
    • Insight: (AWE)+2 = +4
    • Intimidation: (PRE)+0 = 0
    • Investigation: (INT)+2 = +2
    • Perception: (AWE)+6 = +8
    • Persuasion: (PRE)+1 = 1
    • Ranged Combat: (DEX)+0 = +2
    • Sleight of Hand: (DEX)+0 = +2
    • Stealth: (AGL)+4 = +7
    • Technology: (INT)+2 = +2
    • Treatment: (INT)+2 = +2
    • Vehicles: (DEX)+1 = +3
  • Languages: English (native)
  • Measurements
    • Move Speed: 0 (30')
    • Lift Mass: xxx lbs.
  • Carried Possessions:


  • Defensive Roll (4): +1 active defense bonus to Toughness per rank (total 4).
  • Evasion (2): +5 circumstance bonus to avoid area-effects.
  • Instant Up: Stand from prone as a free action.
  • Interpose: Take an attack meant for an ally.
  • Luck: Re-roll a die roll once per rank.


  • Healing: 7 (Resurrection, Energize, Affect Objects, Persistent, Stabilize, Empathic, Versatile (Damage/Weaken))
  • Damage: 10 (Penetrating x6, Incurable, Insidious, Subtle x2)
  • Weaken (vs. Stamina): 6 (Uncurable, Insidious, Subtle x2)
    • By touching someone, or even something, Ed is able to reassert their natural entropic state by drawing imbalanced energies into his own body, causing them to heal and their injuries to transfer over to him. He can also reverse this power, causing devastating damage and weakness instead of healing.
  • Immortality: 10 (Limited: silver)
    • Ed can't die. More accurately, he doesn't stay dead. He can be dead as a doornail, but an hour later, his internal physiology simply resets itself and he is alive again. Physical contact with silver will prevent him from rising as it distorts the entropic energies that constantly brings him back to life. His powers resume once he is no longer in contact with the substance.
  • Immunity: 1 (Aging)
    • Ed no longer ages. That's great, but why couldn't it have happened when he was in his 20's or 30's? Contact with silver will cause him to begin aging normally again, though he will regeneration the age damage and revert to being 52 again once contact with the material has ended.
  • Luck Control: 4 (Area, Luck x4)
    • Ed has always been a pretty lucky guy, but now he's learned that he can actively manipulate entropy and dynamism on a nuanced level, allowing him to shift things in subtle ways to benefit those around him, essentially sharing his luck.
  • Regeneration: 5 (Complication: silver)
    • Ed doesn't age and doesn't stay dead, he also doesn't stay injured for very long. The entropy in his body has become a fixed point and will always seek to return him to the exact same state he was in when he was changed. Physical contact with silver will prevent him from regenerating just as it prevents him from returning to life.
  • Teleportation: 4 (Accurate, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Turnabout, Increase Mass x4)
    • I forget how Joe put it, but I liked his description of how this works - so this is a placeholder until then. So yeah, POOF - I'm over there. POOF now I'm here..


  • Motivation:
  • Identity: Ed wants to keep his personal life detached from his hero identity. He uses an alias and hides his identity with a "costume" (more specifically it's just a fire fighting suit and helmet with an Ouroboros symbol on his back and on the helmet).
  • Power Loss: Physical contact with silver causes Ed's fixed entropic state to become dynamic once more, which causes his Immortality, Immunity & Regeneration powers to cease functioning for however long he is in contact with the material. Once contact with silver is removed, his body will begin reverting to its fixed entropic state.
  • Relationships: Ed's ex-wife and his roommate Brian are extremely important to him, but even they pale in comparison to the fatherly love he has for his three children.
  • Responsibility: One more year. One more year and he can retire.

Friends and Family

  • Margaret Edwards: Notes: ex-wife, close friend, still lives in NYC, editor for a fashion magazine, as a result, she loathes skinny women
  • Jennifer Monroe: Notes: daughter, oldest child, 27 years old, married to Benj, lives in Cupertino, CA, recent mother of twins, Daphne & Velma (they also have a dog named Scooby), husband works for Apple,
  • Kaitlyn Edwards: Notes: daughter, middle child, 24, years old, dentist, geek, gamer & podcaster, DM for Ed's Shadowrun group
  • Ralph Edwards: Notes: son, youngest child, 20 years old, attending college in Florida for graphic design, plays co-op and mmog's with dad
  • Brian Lee: Notes: roommate, friend & ex-bf from 10 years ago, has a frequent bf-turn-over rate, currently with bf-of-the-year Clint (Ed calls him "Cling"), Brian has two cats, Donny and Marie
  • Duchess: Ed's golden retriever.


A description of your characters day to day life.

  • Money: Ed earns a good paycheck, has a healthy savings put away and a well planned out retirement plan in place for the future.
  • Clothing & Jewelry: Professional casual or uniform at work, jeans and button up shirts when he's out, worn tee shirts and gym shorts when he's not. He wears a watch, his wedding ring, a heavy gold rope chain around his neck, and uses glasses for reading. He has a "Margaret" in a faded pink heart tattooed on his left shoulder and the Sagittarius sign on his right. He frequently wears his Google-Glass headset.
  • Housing: Ed owns a large condo, which he shares with his friend Brian and his carousel of ever-changing boyfriends.
  • Transportation: 2014 Toyota Prius (blue)
  • Communication: Google-Glass and iPhone.
  • Food:
  • Days:
  • Evenings:

Power Points

Starting: 0p (150) Total Earned: 0p

  • #.#.14 Session:

Spent: 0p; Unspent: 0p