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Archetype: Disciple • Career: Agent • Power Level: 3
  • Belonging: I am still trying to figure out what my existence looks like in a universe with no Asgard. (Desire)
  • Obscurity: I have been forgotten, and my name taken by that bastard Odin. (Fear)
  • Independent: I have only ever been able to count on myself; I will continue to do so. (Strength)
  • Recklessness: I hold court with the dead. I do not fear to join them.
Brawn 2 Agility 3 Intellect 2
Cunning 1 Willpower 5 Presence 2
General Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2-grey.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Arcana (Int) 2* Spacer2.jpg Athletics (Brn) 2*
Computers (Int) –* Spacer2-grey.jpg Cool (Prs) 2*
Coordination (Agl) Spacer2.jpg Discipline (Wil) 3*
Driving (Agl) Spacer2-grey.jpg Knowledge (Int)
Mechanics (Int) Spacer2.jpg Medicine (Int)
Operating (Int) Spacer2-grey.jpg Perception (Cun) 1*
Piloting (Agl) Spacer2.jpg Resilience (Brn)
Skulduggery (Cun) Spacer2-grey.jpg Stealth (Agl) 3*
Streetwise (Cun) Spacer2.jpg Survival (Cun)
Vigilance (Wil) 2* Spacer2-grey.jpg
Combat Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2-grey.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Brawl (Brn) 4* Spacer2.jpg Gunnery (Agl)
Melee (Brn) Spacer2-grey.jpg Ranged (Agl)
Social Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2-grey.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Charm (Prs) 1 Spacer2.jpg Coercion (Wil) 5
Deception (Cun) –* Spacer2-grey.jpg Leadership (Prs)
Negotiation (Prs) Spacer2.jpg
Tier 1 (7): Bar Brawler, Fearsome 1, Grit 1, Knack for It (Coercion) 1, Parry 1, Torment, Toughened 1

Tier 2 (6): Block, Constant Vigilance, Parry 2, Robust Skill Training (Arcana, Coercion, Discipline), Unarmed Parry, Variant Fighting Style (Willpower)
Tier 3 (4): Adapted Theory (Coercion), Outside the Box (Willpower), Parry 3, Parry (Improved)
Tier 4 (4): Circle of Shelter, Incite Rebellion, Parry 4, Variant Fighting Style (Improved) (Willpower)
Tier 5 (2): Dedication (Willpower), Master (Coercion)

Power Rating: 3
Fervent Belief: Once per Issue, you character may spend a Story Point to decrease the Difficulty of a Fear check once, to minimum of Simple (–). If the circumstances somehow relate to their beliefs, they may ignore the check entirely.
Cosmic: Asgardian Resilience (Resistance 4)
Mystic: Deathless Discipline (Enhanced Willpower 3), Pilgrimage into Shadow (Movement 3), Shadow Boxing (Attack 3)
Special Training
Soak: 6 • Ranged Defense: 1 • Melee Defense: 3
Wound Threshold: 12 • Strain Threshold: 16
Unarmed Attack: Brawl • Dam Brawn/Willpower • Crit 5 • Knockdown, Stun damage
Shadow Boxing: Brawl • Dam 7 (Strain, ignore soak) • Crit – • Disorient 3, Immobilize (when Disoriented), Stagger 3; Panic-Inducing
Murder of Shadows (Heroic Moment): Brawl • Dam 9 (Strain, ignore soak) • Crit – • Blast 3, Disorient 3, Immobilize (when Disoriented), Knockdown, Stagger 3; Panic-Inducing
Experience Points
Earned: xx
Spent Experience
  • Identity: Ulfin Gatyr
  • Aides de Camp:
    • Cormac Simonson: Lawyer and handler of legal/corporate shit
    • Dominique Sauvin: Fixer and handler of illegal shit
  • Current Experience: 0xp
  • Fervent Belief: Once per Issue, you character may spend a Story Point to decrease the Difficulty of a Fear check once, to minimum of Simple (–). If the circumstances somehow relate to their beliefs, they may ignore the check entirely.



  • Bar Brawler: Add Advantage-result.png to Brawl checks and combat checks using improvised weapons.
  • Constant Vigilance: May always use Vigilance when determining initiative.
  • Fearsome 1: When opponent becomes engaged, must make a fear check vs Difficulty of talent rank.
  • Torment: If a target is disoriented, staggered, or prone, gain Advantage-result.png to combat checks and social rolls to inflict strain.
  • Variant Fighting Style (Brawl + Willpower): May make Brawl checks using Willpower.
  • Variant Fighting Style, Improved: When successfully hitting with Variant Fighting Style, damage is based on Willpower.


  • Block: When using Parry, may reduce damage from ranged attacks as well.
  • Circle of Shelter: When an engaged ally suffers a hit, you may activate Parry as if that hit was against you.
  • Parry 4: When suffering a hit from a melee attack, suffer 3 Strain to reduce damage of attack by 2 + ranks in Parry. Must have a Melee weapon, and can only be used once per hit.
  • Parry, Improved: When using Parry, may spend Threat-result.pngThreat-result.pngThreat-result.png to automatically hit attacker once with a Brawl or Melee weapon, dealing weapon base damage plus any damage from applicable talents or abilities. Cannot use if original attack incapacitates.
  • Unarmed Parry: May use Parry without a weapon, and reduce Strain cost by 1.


  • Incite Rebellion: Once per issue, may take Incite Rebellion action, taking a Coercion (Dif Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) check to cause a number of beings up to ranks in Coercion to become rebellious until the end of the encounter.
  • Master (Coercion): May suffer 2 Strain to reduce Difficulty of next Coercion check by 2, min 1.


  • Dedication: Increase one characteristic by 1. Purchased: Willpower 5
  • Grit 1: Increase Strain Threshold by 1 per rank.
  • Knack for It 1: Remove Setback-die.png Setback-die.png from Coercion checks.
  • Outside the Box (Willpower): Once per Issue, may make one Skill check using Willpower rather than normal characteristic.
  • Robust Skill Training: Add the following Skills to Career Skills list: Arcana, Coercion, Discipline
  • Toughened 1: Increase Wound Threshold by 2 per rank.
  • Variant: Adapted Theory (Coercion): Once per Issue, may use Coercion in place of another Skill.

Cosmic Powers

Asgardian Resilience: 100 xp

  • Powers beyond Imagining (Edge): Choose a single Power gained through this Source. You may have one Rank higher in that Power than your Power- Level.
  • Unyielding Energy (Weakness): You may never spend experience to increase the Rank of Powers gained through this Source. After Character creation, Cosmic Powers are unchanged. That is not, however, to say that the character cannot acquire an entirely new Cosmic Power through some other means (such as, obtaining an Infinity Stone) during play.

Asgardian Resilience

  • Resistance: Rank 4 • Cost: 100 (10 + 20 + 30 + 40)

Gallows has the bodily power of an Asgardian of strong years, although his centuries languishing in a prison have diminished that some.

  • Increase Soak by Ranks.
  • Unstoppable (Heroic Moment): For a single Strip, you double your Ranks in this power, or you may ignore all Limits applied to this power instead. You may not ignore the Weakness applied by your power’s Source.
  • Effects
    • Armored (3/1): For each Rank in this Power you may increase one of your Defense Ratings (either Melee or Ranged) by 1. You may choose which Defense Rating is increased at each Rank.
    • Immunity: You may select one of the Effects from the Attack power. You double any Effects gained from this power against attacks with that (or similar) damage. Alternatively, you may select Toxins and Poisons, Vacuum and Suffocation, or Acid and Corrosive Atmospheres and simply ignore any damage or penalties applied in that Environment. This Effect may be selected multiple times, each time choosing a new Attack Effect or another from the list.
    • Regeneration:
      • Rank 1 - Add Success-result.png to your End of Conflict recovery roll, and any roll made to recover your Wounds or Treat Critical Injuries, per Rank in this Power.
      • Rank 2 - May spend Advantage-result.png during your End of Conflict Recovery roll, to recover 1 Wound instead of 1 Strain. You do this a number of times equal to your Ranks or the total number of Success-result.png scored on the check.
      • Rank 3 - You may now use an Action Panel to make an End of Conflict recovery roll. You may use this Effect a number of times per Issue equal to your Ranks.
      • Rank 4 - At the start of each of your Strips, you regain any combination of Wounds or Strain equal to ranks.
    • Resilience: Reduce the rating of any Critical Injury you suffer by 10 for each Rank you have in this power. If this reduces the Critical Injury to 0 or less, you ignore the injury.

Mystic Powers

Deathless Discipline: 30 xp • Pilgrimage into Shadow: 30 xp • Shadow Boxing: 45 xp

  • Forces of Creation (Edge): You gain a new use of Heroic Moment. When you spend a Heroic Moment, instead of the uses provided by your Powers, you may instead manifest an entirely new Power with a Rank equal to the highest Rank of Power with this Source, and may select Effects for this new power as normal. This effect lasts for a single Page.
  • Proper Preparation (Weakness): Nearly all mystical powers require some momentary effort to bring them to bare. You gain the Preparation Limit applied to any Power with this Source. In addition, the Storyteller may spend a Story Point at the start of an Issue to introduce circumstances which make your magical powers more difficult to use, inflicting to all uses of Powers with this Source. This cannot be negated or removed in anyway.

Deathless Discipline

Enhanced Characteristic (Willpower): Rank 3 • Cost: 30 (5* + 10* + 15*)
Gallows predates what was the modern Asgardian pantheon. Born during the reign of Odin's father, Bor and infused with the very forces of creation (as all such Asgardians were at the time) - Gallows retains only a fraction of his ancient power. Channeling this ability requires him to reach beyond our physical reality, which manifests as a swarm of ravens which imbues him with a portion of his former capability.

  • When rolling an Willpower-based check, and rolling a Triumph-result.png, may immediately roll an additional Proficiency-die.png before resolving the Check, in addition to normal Triumph-result.png effects.
  • Concentrated Effort (Heroic Moment): Reduce the Difficulty of a check using the Characteristic tied to this Power to a Simple (–). This reduction lasts a number of Pages equal to your Ranks, but is also “concentration” based – meaning that if you stop performing the action which triggered that check, and move on to a new action, the reduction ends.
  • Effects
    • Effective: Before resolving a check using Characteristic associated with this power, you gain a number of Automatic Advantage-result.png equal to your Ranks.
    • Flexible: When attempting a check using Characteristic associated with this power, before resolving Success-result.png and Advantage-result.png , you may convert Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png into a Triumph-result.png. This does not count as being “rolled.” You may use this Effect a number of times equal to your Ranks per Issue.
    • Amazing: Before rolling your Dice Pool during a Non-Conflict check using the Characteristic associated with this power, you may Downgrade the Difficulty a number of times equal to your Ranks in this power. You may use this effect a number of times equal to your Power-Level. (Note: You MAY use this effect during a Conflict, so long as the check is NOT being made for an Attack).
  • Common Uses/Combination:
    • Adapted Theory (Coercion): Once per Issue, may use Coercion in place of another Skill.
  • Limits
    • Taxing: Use of power causes 1 Strain
    • Debilitating: Use of power causes 1 Wound
    • Monstrous: Swarm of ravens shows up to call out to him and tell him secrets.

Pilgrimage into Shadow

Movement: Rank 3 • Cost: 30 (5* + 10* + 15*)
He can access the Dark Dimension in this way, and can use it to travel long distances, including interstellar (but not trans-dimensional) distances. These journeys bypass the need for the Bifrost or vehicles, but can be psychologically harrowing for those Galgatyr takes with him.

  • Fast Track (Heroic Moment): For the rest of the Page, you increase your Ranks in this power by 2 and may select two additional Effects. If this would increase an Effect beyond what is listed, simply describe a reasonable Effect to your Storyteller.
  • Effects
    • Connection: When you move, you do not cross the space between – but simply appear at your destination. You must be able to see where you will appear. The distance you travel is limited by your movement, though you may move vertically as well as horizontally (similarly to the Aerial Effect). When combined with the Distance Effect, you no longer need to see your destination, but must have a reasonable idea of where you’re going.
    • Distance: During Structured Conflicts, you double your movement in Planetary Scale. Outside of Structured Conflict you may move anywhere on your current planet.
    • Passengers: You may bring a number of Engaged Characters equal to your Ranks in this power with you when you move.
  • Limits
    • Gateway: Instead of moving, you open a portal between two locations. You have no control over who enters or exits the portal, though you may close the portal at any time.
    • Monstrous: Folk who see the effect are panic-inducing.
    • Taxing: Use of power causes 1 Strain

Shadow Boxing

Attack: Rank 3 • Cost: 45 (5* + 10* + 30)
Gallows' fists strike not the body but the soul of the enemy, actually causing shadow-ravens to fly forth from the enemy's shadow.

  • Gain attack at Short Range with a Damage of 4 + Ranks.
  • Spectacular Attack (Heroic Moment): You gain 2 Ranks in your Attack for a single Strip, and may select two additional Effects to apply. You may, instead, use these one or more of these Ranks to temporarily remove one or more Limits applied to this power, but may not ignore the Weakness applied by the power’s Source. (Blast + Impact)
  • Effects
    • Psychic: Gain Disorient (ranks).
    • Psychic: Gain Immobilize for as long as Disoriented.
    • Terrorizing: Gain Stun (ranks) Spend Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png to inflict (ranks) additional Strain, ignoring soak. Additionally, spend Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png to cause your target to become Staggered until the end of their next Strip; may activate multiple times.
  • Limits
    • Close Combat: May only attack opponents who are Engaged.
    • Monstrous: Folk who see the effect are panic-inducing.

Special Training

Additional Skills & Talents: 295 xp

  • Focused Training (Edge): Instead of purchasing Powers, may purchase Skills and Talents with Power Experience.
  • Paper Trail (Weakness): Specialized training has been recorded somewhere and can be discovered by those with sufficient resources. Reveals strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to plan accordingly (functions similarly to discovering Motivation, granting bonuses.

Character Creation

Brawn 2 • Agility 3 • Intellect 2 • Cunning 1 • Willpower 3 • Presence 2

  • Starting Wound Threshold: 10 + Brawn
  • Starting Strain Threshold: 10 + Willpower
  • Starting Skills: One rank in either Coercion or Discipline (Coercion 1)
  • Fervent Belief: Once per Issue, you character may spend a Story Point to decrease the Difficulty of a Fear check once, to minimum of Simple (–). If the circumstances somehow relate to their beliefs, they may ignore the check entirely.
  • Career Skills: Athletics 1, Brawl 1, Charm 1, Computers, Cool 1, Deception, Perception 1, Stealth 1
  • Starting Experience: 250xp
    • Characteristics: 70 (Willpower 4, Agility 3)
    • Skills: 65 (Arcana 1, Brawl 3, Coercion 3, Discipline 1, Vigilance 2)
    • Talents: 105
      • Tier 1 Talents (10 xp): Fearsome 1, Parry 1
      • Tier 2 Talents (20 xp): Robust Skill Training (Arcana, Coercion, Discipline), Variant Fighting Style (Willpower)
      • Tier 3 Talents (30 xp): Outside the Box (Willpower), Parry (Improved)
      • Tier 4 Talents (20 xp): Variant Fighting Style (Improved) (Willpower)
      • Tier 5 Talents (25 xp): Dedication (Willpower)
  • Powered Experience: 500xp
    • Cosmic Powers: 100xp
    • Mystic Powers: 105 xp
    • Special Training: 295 xp
      • Skills (145 xp): Arcana 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 4, Coercion 5, Cool 2, Discipline 3, Stealth 3
      • Tier 1 Talents (10 xp): Bar Brawler, Grit 1, Knack for It (Coercion) 1, Torment, Toughened 1
      • Tier 2 Talents (30 xp): Block, Parry 2, Unarmed Parry, Constant Vigilance
      • Tier 3 Talents (30 xp): Adapted Theory (Coercion), Parry 3
      • Tier 4 Talents (40 xp): Circle of Shelter, Parry 4
      • Tier 5 Talents (50 xp): Master (Coercion)

Future Talent Purchases

  • Tier 1: Advance, Brace 1, Bullrush, Penetrating Strike 1, Smooth Talker (Coercion) 1, Surprise Assault
  • Tier 2: Bad Cop 1, Berserk, Bowl Over, Charging Assault, Confidence 1, Defensive Stance 1, Ever in Motion, Fearsome 2, Grapple, Grit 2, Haughty Demeanor, Heroic Recovery (Willpower), Iron Will 1, Knack for It 2, Loom, Lucky Strike (Willpower), Scathing Tirade, Sharp Tongue, Sucker Punch, Threaten 1, Toughened 2, Unseen
  • Tier 3: Ambush, Bullseye!, Combat Veteran 1, Counter Attack, Disarm, Dodge 1, Dramatic Entrance, Easy Prey, Feint 1, Ferocious Attack 1, Heroic Will (Agility or Willpower), Interjection, Intimidating 1, Judgment, Nobody's Fool 1, Plausible Deniability, Scathing Tirade (Improved), Surprise Assault (Improved), Sweeping Blow, Targeted Strike, Takedown, Unorthodox Thinking (Coercion)
  • Tier 4: Deadly Accuracy (Brawl), Defensive 1, Dramatic Entrance (Improved), Dramatic Escape, Dodge (Improved), Incite Rebellion, Scathing Tirade (Supreme), Surprise Assault (Supreme)
  • Tier 5: Crushing Blow, Dramatic Entrance (Supreme), Master (Brawl), Master Plan, Parry 5, Sharp Tongue (Improved), Whirlwind


Cormac Simonson
Lawyer and Legal Wrangler

Dominique Sauvin
Fixer and Underworld Wrangler


On Earth, Odin was known by many names. What the people of Earth did not know is that the mighty war chieftain of Asgard won these names in battle against those who defied him. He defeated them, took their titles and weapons for himself, and if they lived, he locked them away to be forgotten, their very names added to his own as the spoils of victory.

One such was Galgatyr, the Gallows God.

An Asgardian sorcerer who trucked with the powers of the dead, Galgatyr did not study the typical magics of Asgard. No, he sought dark wisdoms in the corners of the multiverse. The wisdom of the dead were his stock in trade, cajoling and commanding the secrets others thought safely buried. He was subtle and powerful, the son of witches – indeed, kin to Frigga, the bride of Odin.

Long ago cast out of Asgard, Galgatyr burned with vengeance, which he saw the chance to seize when he learned of Hela's imprisonment. He moved on Asgard in subtlety and silence, seeking to liberate the daughter of Odin and turn her into an ally. Unfortunately, he was defeated, stripped of his magical artifacts (the Breastplate of Niflheim, the Staff of Ravens, and the Mimir Helm), and his name taken by Odin as a trophy.

Galgatyr was locked away in seclusion in an off-world prison that kept his magic sealed away. Nameless and forgotten, he languished there in prison.

Until the First Snap, which slew him along with half the universe. The wards of his cell collapsed and unsealed themselves, having nothing to hold any longer. Until the Second Snap, when he returned from the lands of the dead, to find his cell open, the wards de-powered.

Galgatyr fled that place, and found Asgard destroyed. His search for the Asgardian diaspora has brought him to Earth, where he has discovered New Asgard, but kept his distance. Galgatyr has settled into life on Earth, attempting to find some semblance of a life for himself. He has already accrued a significant fortune through calling upon the dead and invoking them to tell their secrets. He has come to the attention of some forces here and there for these gifts. Since returning from the Snap and finding Asgard lost, he has been somewhat lost himself.

Abilities: Galgatyr's personal magics are subtle and powerful.

  • His artifacts are magically powerful, but he no longer has them, as they were taken by Odin. The Breastplate of Niflheim protected him from injury and even allowed him to turn himself into a ghost, passing through things. The Staff of Ravens acted as his original mentor, teaching him his original magics, and boosted his magical power. The Mimir Helm granted him visions of the future and enhanced prescient fighting prowess. (If you want to use them in some way, Galgatyr would happily try and reclaim them, but I am assuming they are simply gone - they're more backstory than anything else, basically.)

Basically, I'm seeing him as a PL 3 Mystic/Cosmic source Intellectual. I wanted to set him up as a rich dude who can bankroll the team if necessary. He's mainly a support figure, and no longer has all of his animosity towards Asgard (well, he never really did - he just hated Odin). He isn't sure what he's going to do now, although I can see him subtly funneling cash toward New Asgard to help them out, though he won't ever approach them. Having learned what Hela did, he is glad he didn't succeed at freeing her. He doesn't have any hard-established goals in the setting right now as I conceive of him, although he could easily be given some to help structure the campaign/team.