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"The rules of survival never change, whether you're in a desert or in an arena." - Bear Grylls



Elven psion (Gladiator Theme)

I am Glebe, thespian, thief and bruiser. Before the arena, I was the distraction in the marketplace that would allow my family to empty your pockets. Look at me! Look at me as I pantomime, sing and dance and give us your coin, willingly or not. We would have it in the end. And if one sought retribution for our clever thievery, I would welcome them to come and find me after the show. Then I would teach them how to fly.

Sadly, misfortune was on the horizon for this poor and humble artist. A Templar was unknowingly amongst our audience, and he did take offense to our show. Once revealed, we did scatter, but I was not fast enough this time.

And now I am a slave, destined to die in glory, my blood upon the sand in the gladiatorial arena.

No. I do not like that ending to my story. I plan to rewrite it using the blood of my adversaries. When I am done, I will use that Templar's hide to bind the tale into a book.


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