Harper Blessing

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  • While in a forest, the Harper is immune from becoming lost while traveling overland, as a magical effect.

Hunter's Senses


  • As long as it is possible to follow a track through non-magical means, the Harper does so without need of a check, and with perfect accuracy. If some magic conceals the track, the Harper may still make a Survival check to follow it, but at disadvantage.

The Lady's Joy


  • The Harper is immune to magical or natural fear, despair, discord, hopelessness, rage, and terror. With a touch, the Harper may confer this immunity to another for up to one hour, during which time the Harper does not benefit from this or any other Blessing of the Dancing Place.

Lore Reader


  • Once per day, the Harper may cast the legend lore spell.



  • Once per day, the Harper can summon 1d4+2 motes of glowing moonlight. These function as the dancing lights spell, except that they grant advantage for those investigating lycanthropes (Perception to spot them hiding, Survival to track, etc). These motes last for eight hours after invoked. During this time, the Harper may cause a moonmote to enter a weapon, granting the weapon a silvery gleam; for the rest of that eight hour period, lycanthropes have a vulnerability to that specific weapon. While this blessing is in effect (even after the moonmotes have expired), the Harper is immune to lycanthropy.

Musician's Ear


  • The Harper is capable of perfectly identifying the origin of a sound he hears, including who (or what) made the sound, how far away and in what direction the source lies, and whether its creation was magical.

Rune Wise


  • When encountering any rune or glyph that communicates something, the Harper may make an Intelligence test to determine not only what the sign means, but also if it is magical, and gain a quick mental flash of the one who created it.

Scroll Mastery


  • Once per day, when casting a spell from a scroll, the Harper may spend one Hero Point to have the spell take effect with maximum dice results (usually damage).

Spring Sense


  • As an action, the Harper can detect the direction and approximate distance of the nearest drinking water, cave connected to the surface world, or Harper refuge. This also gives a warning if anything is amiss with what is detected (enemies lie in wait, the water is tainted, etc).

Tymora Smiles


  • While this blessing is active, the Harper may elect to re-roll a failed dice roll, as with the Luck feat. This can be done up to three times per day.