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The Harpers
Common Descriptors: Benevolent, knowledgeable, secretive
Primary Classes: Bards, wizards
Alignments: CG (primary), NG, LG, LN, N, CN
Waterdeep, Everlund (Moongleam Tower), Berdusk
Apprentice Harper: Rank 1. You are an apprentice to a Harper, learning the ropes as you assist them in their missions.

Harper: Rank 3. You are an agent of the Harp, taking missions and tasks to accomplish their aims. You are in contact with a Brightcandle of the faction. You are a long-term agent, tasked with responsibilities that range from long-term assignments to immediate missions.
Senior Harper: Rank 10. You are a senior agent, and given a great deal of autonomy in deciding your missions. You are known to at least one Wise Owl, who may contact you for help with particularly difficult missions, or in emergencies that threaten local cells.
• Master Harper: Rank 25. Your experience is laudable, and your sacrifices well-known to other Harpers. The leadership of the Harpers are drawn from those with this degree of renown.

“Down with tyranny. Fairness and equality for all.”
A scattered network of spellcasters and spies, the Harpers advocate equality and covertly oppose the abuse of power, magical or otherwise.


The Harpers are an old organization that has risen, been shattered, and risen again more than once. Its longevity and resilience are the result of its decentralized and secretive nature, and the near-autonomy of its members. The organization consist of cells and lone operatives throughout Faerûn, interacting and sharing information with one another only as needs warrant. The Harpers’ ideology is noble, and members of the order pride themselves on their integrity and incorruptibility. Harpers do not seek power or glory— only fair and equal treatment for all.

Goals and Philosophy

Harpers gather information across Faerûn, discerning the political dynamics within each region or realm, and promoting fairness and equality by covert means. Members of the order oppose tyranny—as well as any leader, government, or group that grows powerful enough to threaten tyranny. They aid the weak, the poor, and the oppressed while maintaining the order’s legendary secrecy, acting openly only as a last resort.

Harper agents adhere to a strict Code of the Harpers, focusing on a number of tenets as they pursue their goals:

  • One can never have too much information or arcane knowledge.
  • Too much power leads to corruption. In particular, the abuse of magic must be closely monitored.
  • No one should ever be powerless.

The Harper Code

Becoming a Harper involves taking an oath to uphold the Harper Code to the best of one's ability. This includes:

  • Harpers work against villainy and wickedness wherever they find it, but they work ever mindful of the consequences of what they do.
  • All beings should walk free of fear, with the right to live their lives as they wish.
  • The rule of law aids peace and fosters freedom, so long as the laws are just and those who enforce them lenient and understanding.
  • No extreme is good. For freedom to flourish, all must be in balance: the powers of realms, the reaches of the cities and the wilderlands into each other, and the influence of one being over another.
  • Whatever it takes, a Harper will do. Pride never rules the deeds of a true Harper.
  • Freedom is a multiversal right, though Harpers can spare themselves less freedom than those they work to protect when the need presents itself.
  • Harpers police their own. A Harper who hears the call of personal power can no longer hear the sweet song of the harp. A Harper who seizes power, and holds it above all else, is a traitor to the harp. Traitors must die for freedom to live.
  • Without a past, no being can appreciate what they have, and where they may be going.


Harper agents are trained to act alone and rely on their own resources. When they get into scrapes, they don’t count on their fellow Harpers to rescue them. Nevertheless, Harpers are dedicated to helping one another in times of need, and friendships between Harpers are nigh unbreakable. Masterful spies and infiltrators, they use various guises and secret identities to form relationships, cultivate their information networks, and manipulate others into doing what needs to be done. Most Harpers prefer to operate in the shadows, though a few members of the order become well known. Quests undertaken by agents of the Harpers might include the following:

  • Secure an artifact that could upset the balance of power in a region.
  • Gather intelligence on a powerful individual or organization.
  • Determine the true intentions of a powerful political figure or spellcaster.

Faction Ranks

Harper Pins
Wondrous Item, rare (attunement)

Wrought by certain finesmiths and enchanted by Harper magicians, the Harper pin provides a number of benefits to the attuned wearer based on their standing within the Harpers as a faction. Pins manifest power based on their attunement to Harper bearers. An un-attuned pin is referred to as being dormant.

  • Basic Abilities: No rank. Harper pins, even those which are dormant, are themselves immune to divination magics. They never register as magical to spells or spell-like abilities.
  • Rank 1. The Harper attuned to the pin may, as a bonus action and mere act of will requiring neither speech nor gesture, command the pin to change its shape into another piece of jewelry. It never appears to be worth more than 5gp, although this value can be for a piece that is obviously costume jewelry. If the wearer is in any way targeted by a dispel magic, even if the pin is not the target of that spell, it automatically reverts to its normal harp-and-moon shape.
  • Rank 2. In addition to the above abilities, the pin functions as a ring of mind shielding, without the soul-retention property of that ring. Harpers with some experience can learn to invest their pins with a fragment of personality. Instead of causing mind-reading to simply fail (which is suspicious), they can cause the pin to "loop" a set of thoughts of their choice, usually setting a cycle of thoughts appropriate to their current cover story. A pin's thought loop can be reset during a short rest.
    • Renown 5. The pin is capable of playing a counter-tune when the attuned Harper encounters spells that would charm them, granting the bearer advantage on all saves against such spells and abilities. The pin also drinks in the power behind magic missiles, rendering the bearer immune to them. Either of these effects cause a shapechanged pin to revert to its normal, harp-and-moon shape.
    • Renown 6. The pin protects the bearer from electrical attacks, granting resistance to lightning damage. This effect causes a shapechanged pin to revert to its normal, harp-and-moon shape.
  • Rank 3. A shapechanged pin is now immune from reverting to its normal shape by any means.

Harpers in good standing might receive the following benefits:

Apprentice (Rank 1)

Prerequisite: Harper renown 1+

  • Sponsor: You have a senior Harper who has not only brought you into the Harpers, but helps to train you. The time it takes to learn one of the mentor's proficiencies by the Training downtime activity is reduced in half. Any given mentor usually knows 1d6 languages and 1d6 tool proficiencies. They can also arrange training with other Harpers for proficiencies outside of their own baliwick. This benefit applies until the Harper achieves Rank 2.
  • Signs at Twilight: All Harpers learn the methods for contacting and getting information to the Harpers. The use of certain songs, signs to look for, identifying phrases - all the techniques that Harpers use to find one another in a cold and dangerous world. Harpers also learn the meaning, placement, and discovery of the specific Harper sigils.
  • Magic Access: Harpers can get access to Common potions and scrolls at the cost it takes to create those items, and have them within 1d4 days.

Harper (Rank 2)

Prerequisite: Rank 1 and Harper renown 3+

  • Song Training: By the time a Harper has spent some time as part of the organization, training in music is an inevitability. Harpers use music for a great many things - to subtly identify themselves to one another, to pass coded messages back and forth, and even the use of musical metaphor in their interactions. The Harper of this Rank may choose proficiency in a musical instrument or the Performance Skill for singing. A proficient Harper may play music that communicates something to other Harpers who hear it in a coded fashion, as well.
  • Harper's Pin: Fully acknowledged agents of the Harpers receive a Harpers pin magic item (see sidebar).
  • Harper Cell: Harper agents are frequently put into a cell structure, giving them the support of allies without endangering the entire organization should they be compromised.
  • Harper Lore: Harpers gain access to repositories of arcane lore - spells known only to Harpers. These are taught by mentors or provided as spell-scrolls. These spells may be considered to be added to the spell-list of the character.
  • Harper Trainers: Harpers make a point of providing access to training for its newer operatives. This includes tool proficiencies, languages, and Exploits; Harpers of this rank pay only half the normal cost for that training.
  • Magic Access: Harpers can get access to Common potions and scrolls at half the cost it takes to create those items, and have them within one day. They can get access to Uncommon potions and scrolls at the cost it takes to create those items, and have them within 1d6 days.
  • Mentor: Full Harpers can bring others into the Harpers by acting as their sponsors. They are considered entirely responsible for their apprentices until such time as those apprentices are considered full Harpers themselves.
  • Continuing Training: Renown 6+. Harpers of this degree of experience within the group have continued their training in music, choosing another musical instrument to be proficient in. They may also choose proficiency in a disguise kit, herbalism kit, or poisoner's kit.

Senior Harper (Rank 3)

Prerequisite: Rank 2 and Harper renown 10+

  • Harper's Adroitness: By this point, a harper's career has put them into a variety of situations where they needed to talk their way out of things. The characters gains one of the following Skill Feats: Empathic, Diplomat, Menacing, Performer, or Silver-Tongued
  • Harper Intelligence: Harpers of this ranking receive all manner of intelligence regarding their local area. It is given to them to act upon as much or as little as they see fit, but all of it is expected to be passed to their superiors in the organization.
  • Harper Charm: Harpers of a certain rank inherit small magics that they are invested with. On the first day of a solstice or equinox, if a Harper has exhausted their Charm, they automatically gain another.
  • Lifestyle: You are supported at a Modest lifestyle for free, courtesy of the Harpers. This is most often granted not as coin, but as space in a Harper holding or household.

Master Harper (Rank 4)

Prerequisite: Rank 3 and Harper renown 25+

  • Harper Charm: Master Harpers may have up to two Harper Charms at a time. On the first day of a solstice or equinox, if a Harper has exhausted their Charms, they automatically gain a replacement for one or both.
  • Blessing of the Dancing Place: Long ago, when certain gods met at the Dancing Place and affirmed their approval of the Harpers, they worked together to craft a boon for those who worked close to Harper ideals. All Master Harpers who are in accord with the Harper Code and have not blasphemed against one of those gods (Deneir, Eldath, Lliira, Mielikki, Milil, Mystra, Oghma, Selûne, Silvanus, and Tymora), they benefit from the Blessing of the Dancing Place. At the end of a long rest, the Master Harper chooses one of these effects to remain active, until such time as they choose to change it.
  • Lifestyle: You are supported at a Comfortable lifestyle for free, courtesy of the Harpers. This is most often granted not as coin, but as a Harper holding or household for you to run.

High Harper (Rank 5)

Prerequisite: Rank 4, Harper renown 50+, and nomination by another High Harper

  • Blessings of the Dancing Place: Those who embody the highest ideals of the gods of the Dancing Place, who have sacrificed much for the Harpers, and who have the faith of their fellows receive a mighty boon: at all times, High Harpers are considered to have all of the Blessings of the Dancing Place active on them.

Faction Roles

Not all Harpers do the same tasks. Harpers tend to receive training that fits well with their best talents, aiding their fellows to the best of their respective abilities. Apprentice Harpers are in training to assume one of these roles, generally speaking; Harpers may not choose one of these Roles until they achieve Rank 2.

It is possible to switch Roles, however this takes a number of downtime months of re-training equal to the Harper's current Rank. At the end of that time, they lose the benefits of their previous Role, and gain the benefits of their new one.


Warriors and tacticians, harpblades are front-line fighters ready to come to the defense of Those Who Harp. Despite the name, anyone who is ready to defend their own - whether they use sword or spell - can operate as a harpblade.

  • Harpblade (Rank 2): A newly-made harpblade is expected to focus on their fighting skills, for you will be expected to put your life on the line for Harper goals almost immediately. Choose one Exploit from among the following 1st rank Exploits: Battlefront Shift or Heroic Effort.
  • Senior Harpblade (Rank 3): As a senior harpblade, you are expected to be a leader among the defenders of the Harpers within your operational area, training new harpblades or even acting as the head of a cell focused on forward and decisive action. You may also be expected to act as a recruiter for the local Harpers, usually recruiting those with skill in battle.
    • Trainer Access: You know all of the Exploit Trainers associated with the Harpers in the area, and they will train you for free, though you must still spend the time involved.
    • Training Others (Downtime): Harpblades are tasked with the training of their fellow Harpers in combat, tactics, and other techniques. Gain a +1 Harpers renown when you spend a number of tendays equal to your current renown on this downtime activity. Additionally, your cell gains a +1 Connections investment for every 30 days you spend on this activity, as training a variety of one's fellow Harpers is a slow but reliable way to build interconnections.
  • Master Harpblade (Rank 4): The master harpblade is among the finest warriors to be had among the Harpers in a given area. Master harpblades frequently spent time training others, or acting as last ditch intervention when violence and quick action is called for.
    • Quick Mastery: You learn best while teaching others. When you take the Training Others downtime action (above), you may count half of those downtime days as being spent training to learn a new Exploit.
    • Master's Emblem: You gain a Rare magic item from among the items favored by Harpers, a gift from the High Harpers for your service.
  • High Harpblade (Rank 5): xxx


Spies and sneaks, rogues and shady sorts, harpshadows are well-versed in some aspect of covert operation or criminal enterprise. Harpers often operate outside of the law, and harpshadows are those who facilitate that when necessary. The criminal contacts a Harper develops are often put to the use of the faction as a whole.

  • Harpshadow (Rank 2): You are expected to be cunning and subtle, right out of the gate, as the responsibilities the Harpers need you for are both quick and demanding. Choose one Exploit from among the following 1st rank Exploits: Invigorating Stride or Lurker's Cloak.
    • Infiltrator (Downtime): Harpshadows often volunteer to use their skills as infiltrators to gather needed information for the Harpers. By spending time taking the Skulduggery downtime action on behalf of the Harpers, they gain both renown and information. Harpers gather intelligence about a wide and vast body of information, and are willing to share that with their fellows who go out of their way to increase that lore. To use this, the harpshadow must be given a specific target. When they "donate" one question from their Skulduggery downtime action against that target, the Harpers will answer one question about known topics in return. Additionally, gain a +1 Harpers renown when you spend a number of tendays equal to your current renown on this downtime activity.
  • Senior Harpshadow (Rank 3): xxx
  • Master Harpshadow (Rank 4): xxx
  • High Harpshadow (Rank 5): xxx


Often considered the quintessential Harper, harpsingers are social butterflies, adroit and charming. They develop allies, recruit watchers, establish spy networks, and manipulate the enemy into betraying itself. Above all, the song of the Harp is a sweet one.

  • Harpsinger (Rank 2): Even as a brand-new harpsinger, you are expected to sway strangers and inspire your fellow Harpers. Choose one Exploit from among the following 1st rank Exploits: Inspiring Word or Shake It Off.
    • Mingling (Downtime): Harpsingers make friends not just on their own behalf, but on behalf of the Harpers as whole. They may "donate" Contacts and Favors acquired from other downtime actions and
  • Senior Harpsinger (Rank 3): xxx
  • Master Harpsinger (Rank 4): xxx
  • High Harpsinger (Rank 5): xxx


Harpsages are vital to Harper efforts, for they specialize in the possession of knowledge and its use and dissemination to those Harpers who may benefit from it. Harpsages are often thought of as arcane loremasters or theologans, but they are more than that: keepers of gathered intelligence, crafts-people, scholars of history and the natural world, and even those who specialize in old riddles or songs.

  • Harpsage (Rank 2): Even though your studies have only just begun, the Harpers need you to apply all of your wits and learning to the goals of Those Who Harp. Choose one Exploit from among the following 1st rank Utility Exploits: Adaptive Strategem or Crucial Advice.
    • Lore Library: The Harpsage has access to the lore library maintained by the local Harpers, or to other such libraries in other locales (if introductions are made). They may use this library to perform Research actions for half the normal cost.
    • Wonderwright (Downtime): The Harpers need magicians willing and able to devote efforts to creating magic items of use to their agents. By spending time taking the Crafting an Item downtime actions on behalf of the Harpers, they may gain both renown and magical lore or resources. By spending an amount of downtime days equal to that necessary to create a magic item (permanent or consumable) of a given rarity, the Harpsage is given either the schema for an item of that rarity or the magical resource necessary to create one of that rarity. These times are (consumable first, then permanent): Common (5 days or 10 days), Uncommon (10 days or 20 days), Rare (50 days or 100 days), Very Rare (125 days or 250 days), Legendary (250 days or 500 days). Additionally, gain a +1 Harpers renown when you spend a number of tendays equal to your current renown on this downtime activity.
  • Senior Harpsage (Rank 3): xxx
  • Master Harpsage (Rank 4): xxx
  • High Harpsage (Rank 5): xxx

Faction Titles

Not everyone who qualifies for one of these titles receives them. They are specific jobs, with responsibilities and benefits for those chosen to fulfill them.


Prerequisite: Rank 2+
Brightharps have one job: to make the Harpers shine in the tales of the people. Their job is to inspire. As such, they are most often the Harpers who are public (or as close as any Harper gets) with their Harper affiliation, and who work to build good relations between the faction and those who might be inspired to help.

  • Lifestyle: The Harpers cover a Modest lifestyle for their brightharps.
  • Contacts: You may add your Harper renown to the maximum number of Contacts and Favors that you may accumulate from downtime actions and story rewards.
  • Inspiring (Downtime): You may take the special Harper Inspiring downtime action, spending time being a public face for the good Harpers do and making allies among those helped or inspired by their work. Once you accumulate a number of tendsays equal to your current Harper renown, you gain another point of renown. Complications involve being targeted by enemies of the Harpers, or being harassed by power structures who do not appreciate the Harper ethos.
  • Allies: When taking the Build Allies, Ally Influence, or Ally Funding cell actions, Brightharps add their Harpers Rank as a bonus to those checks.


Prerequisite: Rank 2+
Mentors are assigned apprentice Harpers (Rank 1) and help guide them into becoming full Harpers. Mentors train their apprentice diligently and even occasionally take them out on missions, to give them field experience under a careful eye.

  • Lifestyle: The Harpers cover a Modest lifestyle for their mentors.
  • Apprentice: You are assigned an apprentice Harper who is learning the Code and operations from you. You may be asked to mentor multiple apprentices.
  • Mentoring (Downtime): You may take the special Harper Mentoring downtime action, during which time you spend training your apprentice(s). Once you accumulate a number of tendsays equal to your current Harper renown, you gain another point of renown.
  • Connections: When taking the Build Connections, or Connections Assistance actions, Mentors add their Harpers Rank as a bonus to those checks.


Prerequisite: Rank 2+
Recruiters take responsibility for the Watcher network. They tend to be charismatic, and are skilled at selling the good the Harpers do to those in positions to deliver useful information to Those Who Harp.

  • Lifestyle: The Harpers cover a Modest lifestyle for their recruiters.
  • Contacts: You may add your Harper renown to the maximum number of Contacts and Favors that you may accumulate from downtime actions and story rewards.
  • Recruiting (Downtime): You may take the special Harper Recruiting downtime action, during which time you assist established Watcher and expand their ranks for the Harpers in general (rather than for your cell specifically). Once you accumulate a number of tendays equal to your current Harper renown, you gain another point of renown.
  • Watchers: When taking the Build Watchers or Watcher Reports actions, Recruiters add their Harpers Rank as a bonus to those checks.


Prerequisite: Rank 2+
Ultimately, the work of the Harpers is done in secret and seclusion. Someone must work to make sure that the efforts of Those Who Harp can be carried through as safely and clandestinely as possible: this person is a Harper Warden. Wardens tend to the security of not just their own cell, but that of the local operating area, usually coordinated by a Master Warden (or a High Warden, if one is local).

  • Lifestyle: The Harpers cover a Modest lifestyle for their recruiters.
  • Warden Ties: You work closely with other Wardens in your area. You can call upon one of them to assist you in some Harper capacity should you need it without refusal, payment needed, or debts incurred, as long as that Warden is not currently involved in something.
  • Defense (Downtime): You may take the special Harper Defense downtime action, during which time you check the security and secrecy measures of the Harpers outside of your immediate cell, testing for weaknesses and helping them shore up defenses. Once you accumulate a number of tendays equal to your current Harper renown, you gain another point of renown.
  • Security: When taking the Build Security, Wardens add their Harpers Rank as a bonus to those checks. Additionally, add your Harpers Rank to the number of safehouses available to your cell.

  • Harpshadow: Rank 3+. Harpshadows are Harper agents who are put in a single place, with an identity created by the Harpers for them, to watch and be ready. They are expected to perform the Work downtime activity at least one week per month. In return, the Harpers cover their lifestyle expenses at a Modest level for free.
  • Harpsinger: Rank 3+. Some Harpers spend their time out among those who are drunk and mixing freely, using a party atmosphere to uncover secrets and acquire information. They are expected to perform the Carousing downtime activity at least one week per month. The Harpers cover the cost of the downtime activity, and return, the Harpers also cover their lifestyle expenses at the Modest level for free.
  • Harpwright: Rank 3+. Harper finesmiths who focus on the creation of magical items for Harper agents and magic item caches.
  • Harpsage: Rank 3+. Harper loremasters and sages record and gather information of use to Harper missions. In exchange for performing one week of the Research downtime activity per month, the Harper is then given general access to the libraries used by local Harpers, to perform their own research when they wish.
  • Brightcandle: Rank 10+ Brightcandles are the heads of cells of Harper agents in their area. Each Brightcandle manages a single cell, for whom they are the sole operational superiors. Brightcandles often know other Brightcandles (but not their cells), and are in contact with a Wise Owl. In exchange for two workweeks of activity a month, Brightcandles have their lifestyles covered at the Comfortable level by the Harpers. They also have access to a variety of Harper agents and other resources, such as caches and libraries. Each Brightcandle is also in contact with the local Herald, working together.
  • Wise Owl: Rank 25+ Wise Owls see far and wide, acting as regional coordinators for Harper activities. Wise Owls have a number of Brightcandles assigned under them, and spend a great deal of their time in facilitating their efforts, collating the information they bring in, and then putting it to good use. They are in contact with the council of High Harpers. In exchange for two workweeks of activity per month, Wise Owls are kept at the Comfortable lifestyle level by the Harpers. They also receive a small collection of magic items that help them accomplish their missions.
  • High Harper: Rank 40. A small council of figures whose job it is to run the Harpers, the High Harpers are always powerful individuals. They are kept at the Comfortable lifestyle by the Harpers, but nearly all of their time is taken up by their duties. High Harpers have the whole organization of the Harpers at their disposal, but are required to remain transparent to their fellow High Harpers.

Harpers in the North

The following locations have a discernible Harper presence capable of providing assistance and support to Harper agents. Other places may have a few agents or Watchers, but these are places Harpers can go when they need aid or sanctuary.

Delimbiyr Vale

  • Daggerford: Though Those Who Harp do not have a strong presence in Daggerford, Filarion Filverdonson (Rank 3) is a local trader who also wears the pin. He makes his home open to his fellow Harpers in need of aid or simply a friend.
  • Loudwater: Harpers in need of sanctuary or support know to seek out the Smiling Satyr, and to ask for Gharwin Umbryl.

Dessarin Valley

  • Triboar: The Lord Protector of Triboar, Darathra Shendrel (Rank 3), is a Harper, although she is not an active agent at current. She does offer a welcome to Those Who Harp, however, as well as santuary and what aid she can.
  • Yartar: The Harpers of Yartar operate sub-rosa as much as they can. Most folk in town know that the raucous festhall called the Bared Maid (otherwise known as "the Chilly Wench" for its featured naked musicians) is said to hold Harpers or those who can contact them with the right pass-phrases.

The Frozenfar

  • Mirabar: A Harper safehouse operates out of a sage's stone tower in this city. The dwarven sage, Emeryldyn Weskyr (Rank 3), specializes in the history of metallury, and is the head of the local Harpers.

Neverwinter Wood

  • Neverwinter: A creaky old three-story rowhouse acts as a meeting place and safehouse for Harpers in Neverwinter. A candle in the window gives permission to those watching nearby to come in by the back alley entrance.

The Silver Marches

  • Everlund: Moongleam Tower is a keep of black stone, which serves as an open Harper stronghold and the center of its operations in the North. Several senior Harpers remain in residence here.
    • Meriánde Moonsilver (Rank 4): A descendant of the famous Harper bard Mintiper Moonsilver, Meriánde has carried on the tradition of her ancestor's bardic skills. Though she is known to be based out of Everlund, she does not have any permanent home or hosting known to anyone, even the upper echelon of Harpers. Common Harper lore suggests that she is often among the Harpers hosting at Moongleam Tower in Everlund, albeit in disguise.
    • Moonlord Daviana Yalrannis (Rank 5): The master of Moongleam Tower and one of the two High Harpers in the North, Yalrannis' title "Moonlord" denotes his command of Moongleam Tower. He is considered an important political figure in Everlund's local politics, and he sits on the Council of Elders in the city.
  • Silverymoon: Many Harpers operate openly in Silverymoon, including the court harpist. For those who are not operating openly, there is a more subtle welcome awaiting them at the temples of any of the Harper gods: Mielikki, Mystra, Oghma, Selûne, or Tymora. These temples maintain connections to the Harpers, and can offer them secret sanctuary and quick exits via hidden passages.
    • Emerdale Silverharp (Rank 4): A companion of the High Mage and the court harpist of Silverymoon, the half-elven Silverharp deliberately places himself in a high position out in the open as part of the Harpers, in order to give folk access to him. Though this endangers him, he considers the risk worth it – to say nothing of the skills of the shadowy bodyguards who defend him.

Sword Mountains

  • Waterdeep: The Harpers of Waterdeep have perhaps a greater presence than any other site in the North, save only Everlund. Lady Remalia Haventree is a public member of the Harpers, and agents in need of contact or succor from the Waterdhavian Harpers need only come to the gate of Ulbrinter House, in the North Ward.
    • Lady Remallia Haventree (Rank 4): An elven highborn currently in a position of power in Waterdeep's House Ulbrinter, Lady Remallia is the Harpers' public face in Waterdeep, speaking on behalf of the organization in public affairs.
    • The Spymaster (Rank 4): The lieutenant of the Shepherd who oversees the training and day-to-day administration of Harper spies, the real name of the Spymaster in Waterdeep is unknown.
    • The Shepherd (Rank 5): The shadowy High Harper known as the Shepherd operates out of the Deep, running a highly-efficient and secretive network of agents, spies and informants, including several cells of Harper agents ready and willing to do his bidding.

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