Houses of the Marchwater

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Book One: The Marchwarden's Tourney

Player Characters

House Graben: A noble House of ancient lineage, well known as defenders of the Boneway Pass. Their Seat is Marrowmont.

Chronicle Progression

The Stormlands

The Stormlands

Lords of the Stormlands

  • House Baratheon of Storm's End: Major House (Status 6). House Baratheon of Storm's End is a cadet House of the royal Baratheon line, under Lord Renly Baratheon, the youngest of the three Baratheon brothers.

Houses of the Marchwater Vale

  • House Swann: Major House (Status 6). House Swann are the liege lords of the Houses of the March, and Lord Gulian is named the Marchwarden by House Baratheon.
    • House Lohaq: Knightly House (Status 3). In service to House Swann, the Lohaqi are originally from Lys, and bear some of the Valyrian traits of the Freehold.
  • House Kraedmyr: Minor House (Status 5). Masters of an all-but-abandoned domain, the "Mad Griffins" are notorious for their history of insanity and scandal. The mist-shrouded valley where Kradmyr Keep stands is considered by many to be haunted.
  • House Seraen: Minor House (Status 4). Powerful, wealthy and influential, the Seraen have been vassal lords to House Swann since their founder was elevated during the Rhoynar Invasion. Their mountain demesnes are well-defended and they are known for the high quality of their breeding mews and hawk-trainers.
  • House Velt: Minor House (Status 4). Founded around the same time as House Seraen, where the Seraen have risen steadily since their founding, House Velt as stumbled along, weathering ill luck and nurturing the occasional good. Today, they are known for their jealousy of House Seraen and for being quite grasping. They are also rumored to be impoverished.
  • House Grandison: Minor House (Status 5). An ancient House, the Grandisons hold the pass that leads out of the Marchwater Vale. They are well-known for the brother of the current lord having been one of the Kingsguard.
  • House Wachstrom: Minor House (Status 4). A House with an impressive fleet of river-going warships, House Wachstrom owes its allegiance to House Graben.

Houses of the Rainwood & Cape Wrath

  • House Bolling: Minor House (Status 5). A minor House with some lineal claim to ancestry from either the Durrendons or the Baratheons.
  • House Estermont: Major House (Status 6). An important House and the lords of Estermont island, which is dominated by their seat, Greenstone. The Lord of Estermont, Eldon, is quite old, and has strong ties to the royal line - his niece, Cassana, was the mother of the king.
  • House Gower: Knightly House (Status 3). A small coastal House of knights in service to Storm's End.
  • House Herston: Minor House (Status 4). A minor House tucked away in the southern reaches of the Rainwood.
  • House Kellington: Minor House (Status 4). A small coastal House.
    • House Kelmore: Knightly House (Status 3). A knightly household in service to House Kellington.
  • House Mertyns: Minor House (Status 4). A small Rainwood House in the southeast of the Rainwood.
  • House Morrigen: Minor House (Status 5). The Morrigen seat, Crow's Nest, is in the wooded mountain slopes overlooking the western Rainwood. House Morrigen is known for the knightly quality they instill in their sons.
  • House Rogers: Minor House (Status 4). Amberly, the Rogers seat, overlooks the southern Breakwater Bay from the tall cliffs where the northeast Rainwood suddenly ends.
  • House Seaworth: Knightly House (Status 3). A relatively young House founded by the former smuggler Davos Seaworth, who was knighted and landed by Stannis Baratheon for his aid during the Siege of Storm's End.
  • House Staedmon: Minor House (Status 4). The Lord of Broad Arch, Lord Alesander, is sometimes called "Pennylover" for his spendthrift nature.
  • House Tudbury: Minor House (Status 4). A small House along the southern coastal edge of the Rainwood.
  • House Wylde: Minor House (Status 5). The Rain House, seat of House Wylde, is well-named, for it sits on the easternmost peninsula of the Rainwood, out into the story seas that surround it.

Houses of Shipbreaker Bay

  • House Connington: Knightly House (Status 3). XX
  • House Errol: Minor House. XX
  • House Penrose: Minor House (Status 5). A House highly regarded by the other Stormlords, House Penrose is known for its erudite and educated scions. The heir of the House, Ser Courtnay is castellan of Storm's End.
  • House Tarth: Minor House. XX
  • House Wagstaff: Minor House (Status 4). Arguably the oldest of the Shipbreaker Bay Houses, House Wagstaff has been a House in decline for as long as anyone can remember. Its lands are practically wilderness, with what few smallfolk they have clustered around their seat.
  • House Wensington: Minor House. XX

Houses of the Kingswood

Houses of the Dornish Marches

  • House Caron: Major House (Status 6). XX
  • House Dondarrion: Major House (Status 6). House Dondarrion of Blackhaven is an old house from the Dornish Marches, sworn to Storm's End. Blackhaven is located near the Boneway, controlling the pass to Dorne. Their sigil is a forked purple lightning bolt on black field speckled with four-pointed stars. Its lord, Beric, holds the title of Warden of the Boneway.
  • House Lonmouth: Minor House (Status 4). A minor House sworn to House Dondarrion. They blazon their arms with quartered of six: red lips strewn on yellow, yellow skulls strewn on black; their words are "The Choice is Yours." One of its scions, Ser Richard, is best known for having been squire and good friend to Rhaegar Targaryen.
  • House Peasebury: Minor House (Status 5). A minor House with control over some of the only real decent farming land in the Dornish Marchest, the Peaseburies have long had to fight to keep control of their lands.
  • House Selmy: Minor House (Status 4). XX
  • House Trant: Major House (Status 6). XX

The Reach

Houses of the Eastern Marches

  • House Appleton: Minor House. A minor House known for the lushness of their apple orchards.
  • House Ashford: Major House (Status 6). The town of Ashford is best known for the Battle of Ashford, the only battle of Robert's Rebellion that saw Robert defeated. House Ashford is an old lineage, and its lord Dunmar a man prickly about his honor.
  • House Cockshaw: Minor House. A minor House of relatively little repute.
  • House Hastwyck: Minor House. A minor House whose lands abut the Blueburn River.
  • House Meadows: Minor House. A minor House whose seat, Grassy Vale, watches over the western edge of the Kingswood.
  • House Pommingham: Minor House. A minor House in the northern foothills of the Dornish Marches whose lands are known for their vast pomegranate orchards.
  • House Sloane: Minor House. A minor House with a reputation for sending many of their sons to the Citadel.
  • House Willum: Minor House. A minor House with a past that nearly saw the end of its line.

Houses of Oldtown

  • House Hightower: Major House. Ancient servants to the old kings of the Reach, House Gardener, the Hightowers are said to be as wealthy as the Lannisters - unsurprising, given their domain of Oldtown, where both the Citadel of the Maesters and the Faith of the Seven are based. It is said that the only reason House Tyrell rules as Lords Paramount of the Reach is because House Hightower couldn't be bothered to move themselves from Oldtown.

The Riverlands

  • House Blackwood: Major House. One of the few Houses south of the Neck who hold to the Old Gods, House Blackwood has sponsored a bowyer from their own skilled artisans to Marrowmont.
  • House Smallwood: Minor House. A small House of the Riverlands, a daughter of House Swann, Ravella, is its Lady.


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