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Jod main.jpg
Concept: The Master Smith, Caste: Twilight
Anima: None
Strength ••• Spacer2.jpg Charisma ••• Spacer2.jpg Perception ••
Dexterity ••• Spacer2.jpg Manipulation •• Spacer2.jpg Intelligence ••••
Stamina ••••• Spacer2.jpg Appearance •• Spacer2.jpg Wits •••
Archery Spacer2.jpg Athletics •••
Awareness ••• Spacer2.jpg Brawl
Bureaucracy Spacer2.jpg Craft See Below
Dodge Spacer2.jpg Integrity •••
Investigation Spacer2.jpg Larceny
Linguistics Spacer2.jpg Lore •••
Martial Arts Spacer2.jpg Medicine
Melee ••••• (Hammers) Spacer2.jpg Occult ••
Performance Spacer2.jpg Presence
Resistance •••• Spacer2.jpg Ride
Sail Spacer2.jpg Socialize
Stealth Spacer2.jpg Survival
Thrown Spacer2.jpg War
Other Abilities: Craft-Weaponforging ••••, Craft-Armoring •••, Craft-Woodworking •
Caste Abilities: Integrity, Lore, Medicine, Occult
Favored Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Melee, Resistance, Survival
Supernal Ability: Craft
Other Traits
Willpower: 5
Merits: Contacts (craftsmen of Svartsten) •••, Familiar •, Influence •, Backing (Guild) •••, Language ••, Resources •••, Tempered by the Elements (cold) ••, Pain Tolerance ••••, Followers •, Artifact •••
Exaltation Traits
Essence: 1 • Personal Motes: 13 • Peripheral Motes: 33 • Invested Motes: 6
Aura of Force: 5m or 0m (bonfire). Reflexively gain 5 Hardness; may be used during Initiative Crash.

Vanish into Anima: 10m, 1 wp. Anima flares blue and white and consumes Twilight's body over the next turn, if not interrupted by Twilight moving or being knocked down. Body vanishes, ceasing to exist, until the following sunset, when the Twilight returns to a place of power (manse, temple, crossroads, center of city) within 10 miles of point of activation.

Spirit Familiar: 10m. May touch an elemental or demon of the First Circle (Ess 1-3) and roll Intelligence + Occult (Dif spirit's Resolve). If successful, spirit becomes a familiar. Can reflexively summon spirit instantly for 3m, drawing it through world's Essence to appear beside her, or banish reflexively for free. May have up to (Essence) spirit familiars at one time.
Limit: 2 • Limit Trigger: The Solar tells a lie, deliberately deceives someone, or breaks a sworn oath.
Minor (+2) • Major (+3) • Defining (+4)
Combat Traits
Health Levels: -0 • -1 • -1 • -1 • -1 • -1 • -1 • -1 • -3 • INC
Soak: Artifact Heavy Armor
Natural: 5 • Armored: +11 • Total: 16 • Hardness: 10
Defenses: Parry: 4 () • Evasion: 2 () • Resolve: 3 • Guile: 1
Weapon Accuracy Damage Defense Overw
Maul +0 +11 -1 1
Tags: Lethal, Melee, Smashing, Reach, 2H

Straight Sword +2 +9 +1 2
Tags: Lethal, Melee, Balanced

Shield +2 +7 +1 1
Tags: Bashing, Melee, Shield

Dart +7 1
Tags: Lethal, Thrown (Medium), Concealable, Mounted, Poisonable
Craftsman Needs No Tools, Crack-Mending Technique, Arete-Shifting Prana, Sensory Acuity Prana, Excellent Strike, Dipping Swallow Defense, Call the Blade, One Weapon Two Blows, Durability of Oak Meditation, Ox-Body Technique III, Spirit Strenghtens the Skin, Whirlwind Armor-Donning Prana, Armored Scout's Invigoration, Iron Skin Concentration
Experience Total: 15
Experience Unspent: 15
Experience Total: 15
Experience Unspent: 15
Experience Total: Silver: 34, Gold: 0, White: 0
Experience Unspent: Silver: 34, Gold: 0, White: 0


I am Forge Master Jod, Warrior of Renown, son of Afelstaf the fisherman and Pella Goatherder, Guild Prince of Monument, Last Apprentice of Master Winter Mirror, a capable sculptor and I am told I am the worst cook in the North. I have two wives, Lita and Arda, and our husband Toren, and we have six children, most of whom live in Nexus save for my daughter Arryka, who manages Guild communications in the Svarsten. I also have a magic duck. It's complicated.
When I was younger I had been an adventurer, an explorer and a soldier. Then I traveled south to see more of the world. I did some mercenary work for and later became a member of the Guild when I began my apprenticeship as a weaponsmith to the venerable Guildsman Calavash the Gallant. He died soon after in an unfortunate riding accident. I found new mentors and I would learn from the greatest weaponsmiths in Nexus, Lookshy, Sijan and Icehome before returning home to Svarsten.
I was not content being known as a great artisan, though. I sought to truly master my trade, to become a living legend! But I had already learned more than anyone else in the realm, save for one: Master Winter Mirror, known to be one of the greatest living worker of metal in the world; weapons, armor, jewelry, sculptors - everything she created was a masterpiece. I sought her as my mentor, but she refused and dismissed me. So I petitioned her again the next day - and every day following, for six months and six days, bringing her gifts and examples of my work, until finally she accepted me as her student. She had told me it was not the strength of my steel or balance of any blade I had made that impressed her, but that in every object I had brought before her, there was artistry - in the pommel, in the hilt, a design in the blade, the way I had beat and folded the metal, or a particular finish or luster, my crafts were always practical, but more importantly - they were always beautiful as well. I studied under her for near a decade and she passed onto me her secrets and made me her successor. When she retired, seeking a new life somewhere warm, I took possession of her forge, its contracts and relationships and with the aid and resource of the Guild, I expanded my operation until I had built up a merchant empire atop a bed of sharpened steel.


  • Principles
    • If something can be improved, it should be. (Defining)
    • I take great pride in the things I create. (Major)
    • I believe that Svartsten is the jewel of the world. (Minor)
    • Honesty is the only path forward. (Minor)
    • I am prone to acts of destruction when frustrated. (Minor)
    • I dislike inaction & laziness. (Minor)
    • Tit for tat; all actions demand an adequate response & all favors must be repaid. (Minor)
  • Ties
    • Svartsten (Patriotism; Major)
    • Aldimar (Protective Affection; Major)
    • Forge (Affection; Major)
    • Family (Love; Major)
    • Greyeyes Jerk (Loathing; Major)
    • Ryken (Professional Respect; Minor)
    • Eetu (Friendship & Educational Respect; Minor)
    • Seven Veils Toccata (Awed Respect; Minor)
    • Frozen Principalities (Disgust; Minor)
    • Master Winter Mirror (Apprentice's Respect; Minor)
    • Immaculate "Faith" (Distrust; Minor)


Moneys: Yes.

Carried Equipment: Small Basics Toolkit, flint & steel, snow goggles, small ledger, ink bottle, pens, random lore/occult book or two, purse w/ daily coin, maul and armor.

Travel Essentials: Tent, bedroll & blankets, small spade, mess kit, rations, beer, tinderbox, extra warm clothes, climbing kit (harness, rope, hammer, pitons, etc), simple hunter traps/snares, hooded lantern, some oil, axe, shield, and his usual carried equipment. He generally travels with his donkey, Fjord.

Stored Equipment: Lots.

Other Persons of Note

  • Master Winter Mirror: She can seem so cold and distant to those who do not know her well, her expressions icy and unreadable, but in truth she burns with a great passion and fierce love of those people and things she cares for - and especially for her craft. The ability to create is the most divine and precious thing ever given to mortals and immortals alike. She is also very sad - she mourns someone that had been very important to her, though she has never revealed who they were - only that the Realm had taken the most important thing in her life away from her and so she sought this place out in order to be free from them.
    Upon completion of his studies beneath Master Winter Mirror, she had bid him take over her forge. That she was departing for somewhere warmer, though she did not know where - only that her feet would eventually take her there. She left the following morning and Jod has never heard from her since.
  • Arryka the Bookbinder: The oldest of Jod's children and a well known and respected accountant and clerk of the Guild. She is dedicated, strict runs a tight ship and an expert at keeping her otherwise easily distracted father on task. When she is working, she is simply Bookbinder Arryka, or just "The Bookbinder", a nickname earned from one of her hobbies and she addresses her father as Master Jod. but when they are not at work, she is his little girl and he is her oafish father.
    Arryka is short like her mother Lita, not quite five feet in height, but she has Jod's heavy stature and coloration. She takes great pride in her hair, which she wears in a long braid that reaches her calves.
  • Lita: Jod and Toren's first wife was raised in Nexus by her parents, who ran a tannery where she also worked. She was secretly courting both Jod and Toren for some time, until the two men discovered the truth. Following events that would qualify for a romantic comedy involving her pregnancy, the three decided that they were meant for each other and were all soon to be parents.
  • Arda: Arda is a tailor and merchant member of the Guild who Jod, Toren & Lita had maintained a long time professional relationship with, which at some point transformed into a romantic relationship with the triad. Eventually the three became four.
  • Toren: Jod's husband was his childhood friend and later hunting buddy in Svartsten. He had moved down to Nexus during Jod's apprenticeship there. While they had a sexual history, they had never been romantically involved until they both found themselves chasing after Lita, the daughter of a tanner in Nexus and the three wound up together as a triad.
  • Joddik, Torrik, Maya, Mai and Athelstan: Children 2-6 (twin sons, daughter, daughter & son). While physical traits may revel who the specific parentage is of the children, they are regarded as all of their children.

Lita gave birth to four and Arda gave birth to Maya and Athelstan. Oddly, the girls all favor Jod and the boys all favor Toren.

Projects, Goals and/or Downtime



Silver XP: 3
Gold XP: 0
White XP: 0

Project Slots

Project Slots Active Project
Permanent Major Slot 1 None
Permanent Major Slot 2 None
Permanent Major Slot 3 None

Active Projects

Project Time
None None None 0 0 0
None None None 0 0 0
None None None 0 0 0

Overseer Forge

Jod forge.jpg

Forge is my magic duck. My mother says he hatched full grown the same day I was born from an egg my father intended to eat for his breakfast. This is ridiculous, but it's the tale my parents liked to maintain. I have no memory of a childhood without...Mr. Ducky. I've researched familiars and know we share some sort of spiritual bond. The particular bird I call Forge is not the one I grew up with. Mr. Ducky had died from old age, his successor I called Pigeon had been eaten by bandits in the Riverlands and the first Forge actually suffered a tragic and fatal accident with his namesake. A week or months later, a new magic duck has always shown up to replace his predecessor. I'm not sure if it's the SAME duck or not, but it's my magic duck and they all seem content with whatever name I give them.