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  • Abbot Uncompromising Viper: Abbot of the Mahanaga Serpent Temple. Serpent-totemed Lunar Exalted.
  • Ten-Thousand Steps: Centipede-totem Lunar exalted, conjures Wind dog
  • Horn of the Peak: Goat-totem Lunar Exalted


  • White Field Steward: Local field/crop/bukakke/fertility god of Mahanaga. Has white foxes for servants.
  • Taruzake: 3 tailed minor god of Rice Wine in Mahanaga.
  • White Fox Guardians: Small gods of Mahanaga's rice fields.
  • Potrimpos: The Vermillion Serpent: God of Mahanaga, god of all serpents and former Herald of the Unconquered Sun
  • Father of the Pale Embrace: God of ghost pythons in Black Chase outside of Sijan.
  • Glory to the Highest: entity that replaced Potrimpos as Herald of the Unconquered Sun


  • August Rose: Widow lady attacked by slavers.
    • Strong Oak: August Rose's son, rescued from the slavers.
  • Iron Crow: non-Guild bodyguard/mercenary.
  • Ginger: pig-tailed little redhead who can't seem to leave Aapo in peace. Very taken with Kanji. Chosen to be Aapo's squire.
  • Righteous Mist: second-in-command at the monastery
  • Trout: town drunk? (RIP: heart wasps were hungry)
  • Sweet Jasmin: married to Sturdy Hound. Heart wasps and a slut?
    • Sturdy Hound: married to Sweet Jasmine.
  • Coral: Gossip monger "supreme" in Mahanaga
  • Grace: Former slave taken in by Sapphire Veil for training as a courtesan.
  • Singing Cup: Dreadlocked Bamboo haired leader of people of Grove Folk in Still Sky?


  • Sondok: She who stands in doorways. Guardian Soul of Ligier


  • Sandusk Mantir: adventurous, pays guards well, tends to prefer more dangerous routes
  • Emerald Heaven: fop, jewel-ish Guard 'sargeant', safe routes caravan-master
  • Prosperous Standard: slaver in the bandit camp wanting freedom


  • Torfalhen Dar: Savant in Nexus

The Deceased


  • Winter Star: Lost Egg Dragon-Blooded Air Aspect slaver with sleet-storm anima, wielded Thrice-Voracious Eater of Clouds (blue jade Cloudsplitter); deceased
  • Burning Orchid: Lost Egg Dragon-Blooded Fire Aspect slaver with fiery orchid anima, wielded Two-Fang Glory (paired red jade short Daiklaives); deceased
  • Dark Moon Blade: (deceased) Panther lady, black power - I mean Lunar Exalted