Lost Timeline 1 PC Notes

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Gold 826

Silver 917


Gems (total value 545)
 6 peridot (10gp each)
 Jasper, Blood stone, smokey quartz (75 gp each)
 2 onyx (30pg each)
 4 sapphire (50gp each, currency grade)
 4 agates (20gp each)

Misc (total value 279) 
 silver earing w/ moon stone x2 (20gp each)
 silverware 24 gp
 dragon figure - jade 20gp
 crystal goblet 5gp
 ceremonial dager (dragon theme) 125gp order of dragon priest, ancient cult 
 2 silver rings 25gp each

silver amulet 15


studded leather armor

long bow

dagger x5

backbapk- 1 ration, torch x3, bedroll, waterskin, tinterbox

66 arrows

quiver- +1 arrow

great sword

2 x javelins

morning star


healers kit

herbalist kit

spellbook- color spray. magic missile, silent image. 

alchemy kit

key - study

3 potion healing

2 anti toxin

 scrolls- command, cure wounds (level 2). Inflict wounds (lvl 2). guiding bolt (lvl 2). entanglement, protection from poison.

nightcaller whistle *Raz

Wand of Entanglement *Raz