Maple Shade Dead

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Maple Shade Apartments

Natalie Garner
The Good Neighbor • Apt B16 • Deceased: S01Ch01
A relentlessly cheerful friend, Natalie disappeared on the night of Friday, July 9th, 1976, leaving only an immense amount of blood and a hole in the lives of the people who loved her. Shortly thereafter, strange things began to happen in her apartment and in the lives of her friends, until it was revealed that she was now a ghostly entity of some kind.
Sergio Cavazos
The Mystery Man • Deceased: S01Ch02
The handsome stranger who was with Natalie when she disappeared. After spending two weeks in jail on suspicion of her murder, he was released and immediately returned to the Maple Shade apartments to try and find out what happened. Meeting Carol, the two of them began to unravel what was happening, including Carol taking him to see Matthew when it became clear that he was psychologically repressing part of his memories from that night. After Matthew did something to unlock those memories, however, something in the poor man broke. Shortly thereafter, he ran screaming from a room suddenly filled with small, slithering demon-things, who also did something to his mind, sending him running headlong into traffic, where he was hit by a lady in a station wagon.
Dylan & Lisa Newcastle
The Witch & the Brainwashed Husband • Apt B02 • Deceased: S01Ch03
Turns out the hippy couple were more than they seemed: she was a terrifying skinless hag that feasted on peoples' breath, and he was the hypnotized puppet she'd turned into a fake husband to help maintain her cover. Whose real name turns out to have been Jimmy. The boo-hag was slain by the cell, and Jimmy remanded to a state asylum.
Roger Milowski
Security Guard • Apt A01 • Deceased: S01Ch05
The complex's security guard was slaughtered as part of a sacrifice to awaken the demon Bune by Michael Wright. The hunters discovered his remains in a thought-to-be unoccupied apartment in the Maple Shade Michael had been squatting in.
Michael Wright
The Demon-Possessed • Apt A01 • Deceased: S01Ch05
Matthew's twin, Michael was the twin who disappeared when they were kids. A demon-led cult had been watching their bloodline, and the portents seemed to indicate that Michael was the twin who would bear the demonic bloodline, but they were mistaken. They kidnapped him and raised him as a servant and vessel for possession, breaking him in many ways. Michael Wright sought to gain the power that he felt would come of freeing Bune into the world so that no one would ever use or abuse him again.