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Mastigos Legacies


  • Bearer of the Eternal Voice: (GoV; Mind/Life/Space)
  • Clavicularius: (L:tS; Mind/Spirit)
  • Reality Stalker: (Mys; Space/-/Mind)
  • Subtle One: (MTA; Mind/Fate/Space)


  • Bene Ashmedai: (SL; Spirit/Mind/-)
  • Brotherhood of the Demon Wind: (AA; Time/Space/-)
  • Cryptologos: (FC; Mind/-/-)
  • Liberatore: (ToW; Mind/-/Spirit)
  • Mimir's Voice: (KttST; Forces/Mind/-)
  • Path of the Book: (GoG; Mind/Fate/Time)
  • Reality Maker: (SL; Prime/-/Fate)
  • Sphinx: (L:tA; Fate/-/Mind)
  • Threnodist: (L:tS; Space/Mind/-)


  • Concord of Serpents: (Summ; Mind/Space/-)
  • Cupbearer of Lethe: (Home; Mind/Prime/-)
  • Followers of the True Soul: (GoG; Mind/Death/-)
  • Gaoler of Ialdabaoth: (GoG; Spirit/-/Death)
  • The Quiescent: (MNoir; Time/-/Death)
  • Tamer of the Cave: (L:tA; Death/Mind/-)
  • Nickname: Warlocks
  • Path Name: The Path of Scourging
  • Heraldic Beast: The Manticore
  • Tarot Card: The Devil + Temperance
  • Watchtower: The Watchtower of the Iron Gauntlet
  • Supernal Realm: Pandemonium, Kingdom of Nightmares and Abode of Demons
  • Arcana: Mind, Space (Weak in Matter)
  • Archetypes: Goetic demonologists, tyrannical mage-kings, psychomancers, Solomonic magicians, insightful viziers, itinerant demon-slayers, unseen assassin, haunter-of-nightmares, carnival dream interpreter
  • Awakening: The Mastigos Awakening is a thing of terror, scourging the mage with his own weaknesses and regrets until he shatters from them - or until he shatters them, banishing their hold on him. Punishment and teeth-gritting endurance are often the themes of these Awakenings. Most Mastigos Awakenings take place in various hell-scapes and places of misery and torment.
  • Path Tools
    • Wands & Staves: Iron, brass, leather.
    • Weapons: Knife, scimitar (or other curved blade), whip.
    • Cups: Iron, brass, leather.
    • Pentacles & Coins: Iron, brass, leather; must be marked with the Atlantean pentagram.
    • Mirrors: Iron, brass, leather.