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Hi. My name is Molly Ryan, aka Oracle

I currently attend Stanford University in pursuit of my PhD in psychology. I live in a lovely penthouse apartment with roof access where a helicopter sits about. My roommate is the driver of said helicopter. He's there for when I need to suddenly be whisked away to save the world. But most people don't know this. I tell them he's my cousin.

Well...about me. I'm pretty much your average looking gal. Average height, average build & weight, rather flat chested and I'm terribly near sighted. I have buzzed to short cropped coarse brown hair. It used to be longer. I'll address that later. A pretty convincing secret identity if only it were not so much an invented cover as the identity life had assigned to me already. Well, save for the apartment, roommate & Stanford tuition, the government supplied these things. As well as my parents cozy homestead in Hawaii....and my lack of hair.

I also have an older half-brother named Toby. He grew up with his dad, my mom's previous husband. We were never particularly close as my mom & his father loathed each other, but he would take me away from the rest of the family for my birthdays and to occasionally see a movie. He was more of an uncle than a step-brother I guess. I never knew he worked for the government until he recruited me. My parents are unaware of what is really happening to me. The government rigged the lottery to supply my parents with their new lifestyle per our deal and they were quite content with packing me up & shipping me off to college.

I love my parents...well...I love my mother, but they were never what you would call model citizens. I started to manifest my telepathic abilities when I was very young. I hadn't grown fins or turned blue, so my dad & our doctor decided to conspire & make some extra cash by selling my government supplied injections in Mexico. So I grew very comfortable with my telepathic abilities. It wasn't until about puberty when the latent invisibility power kicked front of an auditorium full of people. It was the state finals of the junior debate team. I was nervous and being verbally hammered by a very convincing young man from Dallas on the plight of the fossil fuel industry. I stood & began my rebuttal...and vanished. I flickered in & out of sight and once I realized what was happening I fled. My father's scam was quickly discovered. My doctor skipped town, dad was sent to prison & I was required to present myself to a government sponsored medical facility for my injections. To have a natural ability you have had most of your life suddenly taken away from's like having lost one of my other senses. I was devastated and it took me some time to adjust to the silence & blindness in my mind.

Rough times followed. My mom and myself when I was old enough worked to support us. I worked as a waitress at a crappy little diner that smelled like kitty litter & stale cheese & fell behind in school. Life was a constant struggle to keep afloat. Dad finally got out of prison and that just seemed to make things worse. He blamed me for everything; his prison time, his inability to get a job, our financial situation, even my "condition". I graduated high school and began to work full time at a local bar to help support my family. I wanted to go to college, but I could not afford it and my parents were very non-supportive of the notion.

About five years ago Toby, who I'd not seen in a while, popped into my work and took me to lunch and proposed an impossible deal to me. Impossible to believe...but real. It had risks. Lots of risks. would free me from this rut. And it would free me from the injections and the blindfold they had slipped over my minds eye.

I accepted.

And everything changed. My parents won the lottery and moved to Hawaii. I received a full expenses scholarship to Stanford University and moved away from Texas. And the injections stopped. And I could "see" again...even if nobody else could see me anymore. More about that later.

My job? Save the world with the help of my team. Although it's not entirely as simple as it would seem. In addition to my job; use my powers to support my team in the successful completion of our missions...but we each have a specific role to play. Back before the meteor sprinkled us all with radioactive faerie dust, the American Super Duper Team that never returned...well, we have to pull off the illusion of being them...finally returned. That's why I was chosen. I was to portray the tall & spandex clad She-Ra with breasts that would make Barbie jealous, Oracle....My powers are similar enough to hers, or similar enough to pretend to be hers, that I can play the role. Sadly...I don't look anything like her. But that's where the magic of Hollywood comes in.

My super suit, which is some sort of tear resistant spandex material, has breast implants built in...they're rather vulgar they're so huge and so realistic feeling it's just creepy. I swear if she'd lived, she'd be bent over with back problems by the time she was 35. I wear 8" platform heels.....platform heels...EIGHT INCHES... I spent more time learning to simply walk across a room in these torture devices than I did learning about firearms and martial weapons. I don't qualify for corrective eye surgery, so instead I wear contact lenses that are bright, bright blue. I feel like a fremen when I have them in. And they tried to simply bleach & dye my hair, but the chemicals caused my hair to fall out instead. So I wear a very well made, massive & long red wig that they practically staple & glue to my head. I gave up wearing a "normal wig" for my secret/normal identity & have just accepted my lesbo buzzed head look as my own. And lastly the part I hate the most. The lip injections. The super freak of nature had lips that could be used as punching bags. So they engineered an organic collagen-like injection. A simple needle prick on each lip and I have mega-lips. A second injection "deflates" them by causing the organic compound to be immediately absorbed by my body. The downside to this: my entire face HURTS LIKE HELL for a week after the second injection. I had to take speech classes in order to learn to talk with the lips and not spit all over everyone. While Oracle wore little to no makeup because she was the poster child for perfect skin, I am not her - so I've been trained on the application of cosmetics to give myself the illusion of good skin. Of course this has caused my real skin underneath to become worse than it had been before. As if my hair wasn't example enough, I don't react very well to chemicals (the lip balloon crap...the first time they tested it on me my lips literally split gross & rather distressing). I have to exercise regularly but fortunately I have a rather efficient metabolism & don't have to starve myself to fit into my suit. Wearing & walking in her skin is the most challenging part of the job. Acting the part is fairly simple. Smile a lot & laugh far too frequently to be considered sane.

The great thing is that I need not have to fake her enthusiasm. The annoying costume & deranged cheerfulness aside, I'm doing something real. Something big. I'm free. For the first time in my life I feel truly free. Yes, the government owns my ass, but my mind has been freed from the bonds that once held it. I am using my powers to help people. Lots of people! I'm zipping around with other amazing individuals and we're doing things I would have never dreamed of. I'm a super hero! And it's downright amazing!

The downside. Since I've come off of the inhibitor I have come to struggle with my latent power of invisibility. One would think this an amazingly useful tool. My problem is that it would seem that being invisible is my natural state. The inhibitors prevented this from manifesting in the past, but now that I've gone off of them, the scientists believe that if they were to put me back on inhibitors they would simply prevent me from being able to maintain my visible state, which takes a certain level of concentration, like remembering to stand up straight. So slumber parties and overnight guests are right out the door as I become invisible as soon as I fall asleep or unconscious. Not that I've ever had much of a social life. But this can be rather dire & problematic when you're unconscious & dying from poison but your teammates nor the medics can find or see you. I've gotten more used to it now, but for a while there those around me would have to constantly remind me that I'd vanished. I missed several semesters of classes while I struggled to gain control over this problem. And they don't want me using it when in view of the public or media because Oracle didn't have that power. She'd been known to make people not notice her according to the files I've read, but it was a known fact that she would appear on film. I don't. So yeah. Big pain.

Aaaand beyond that...I'm allergic to most animals and they know this & conspire to destroy me. I play the clarinet very well & I like to paint though I'm not very good at it. I love David Bowie. I'm passionate about psychology and helping & understanding others. Everyone in the world is entitled to joy and I seek to help people find their way towards their own happiness. I also collect porcelain cows.

And there you have it. Me and my duel lives in all their glory.