New and Updated Qualities for Star Wars Game

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Ability Benefits

Quality Requirements Effects
Colony Kid Survival 4, Mechanics 3 (Repair 1B) +(half Survival) to Mechanics (Repair). +(half Survival) to Stamina.
Knowledge Focus Knowledge 4 Choose area of expertise; Education dice become Test dice.
Technophile Mechanics 4 (Systems 2B, Repair 2B) Ignore penalties for lacking proper tools. Spend a Destiny to use Mechanics for any other Ability (Specialty still applies)
Trailblazer Mechanics 4 (Piloting 3B) Add Cunning total to astrogation rolls
Twilighter Knowledge 3 (Streetwise 2B) +(half Cunning) to Knowledge (Streetwise) tests. Subtitute Knowledge (Streetwise) for Survival (Orientation) to find way through dense urban environments.

Fate Benefits

Quality Requirements Effects
Animal Cohort Survival 3 (Animal Handling 1B) Gain animal companion. Gain +1D to any Test once per game session.
Droid Companion Mechanics 3 Gain droid companion built as a Primary Character whose Assistance does not count against normal Assistance limits.
Force Sensitive - Connected to the Force; Gain 1 rank in Sense, Control, and Alter; Gain 1 Force Point
Jedi Knight Force Sensitive, Student of Shii-Cho (Form 1); Fighting 4 (Lightsaber 1B), Awareness 3 (Sense 2B), Will 3 (Control 2B), Presence 3 (Alter 2B) Fully initiated Jedi knight; +1B to all Presence rolls and +2 Intrigue Defense when identified as Jedi; gain access to specific resources
Jedi Master Jedi Knight, any Form Benefit; Awareness 4 (Sense 3B), Will 4 (Control 3B), Presence 4 (Alter 3B), 5+ Force Points Acknowledged Jedi Master; +1 to the Influence of any Technique during an Intrigue.

Force Benefits

Quality Requirements Effects
Adept Force Sensitive; Control 2B When using a Control Force Power, reroll a number of 1's equal to ranks in Control Specialty
Convergence in the Force Force Sensitive, Strong in the Force Gain 2 Force Points and one Jedi Arts Force Power
Dark Acolyte Force Sensitive Gain 1 Dark Side Point and two Dark Force Powers
Force Training Force Sensitive Gain 1 Force Point and two Jedi Arts Force Powers
Mystic Force Sensitive; Alter 2B When using an Alter Force Power, reroll a number of 1's equal to ranks in Alter Specialty
Obscure Power Force Sensitive Gain 1 Force Point and an Obscure Force Power
Seer Force Sensitive; Sense 2B When using a Sense Force Power, reroll a number of 1's equal to ranks in Sense Specialty
Strong in the Force Force Sensitive Gain 2 Force Points and one Jedi Arts Force Power.

Heritage Benefits

Quality Requirements Effects
Child of the Core Worlds - Gain Intrigue Defense +2; when testing Education, reroll a number of 1's equal to Presence.
Child of the Colonies - Increase the Influence of Bargain and Convince Techniques by 1 against opponents with a Will rating lower than yours
Child of the Inner Rim - Reduce Influence taken in an Intrigue by half Presence ranks
Child of the Expansion Region - When testing Endurance (Resilience), gain +(half Will); when testing Will (Dedication), reroll a number of 1s equal to Endurance.
Child of the Mid Rim - Increase Combat Defense by +2; when testing Survival (Forage), reroll a number of 1s equal to half Cunning ranks
Child of the Outer Rim - When testing Awareness (Notice), add half Thievery ranks; when testing Thievery (Steal), reroll a number of 1s equal to half Awareness ranks

Martial Benefits

Quality Requirements Effects
Corellian Drill Double Tap; Marksmanship 6 (Blasters 5B or Blaster Rifle 5B) Fire weapon three times as a Greater Action; each attack is at -2D
Double Tap Marksmanship 5 (Blasters 3B or Blaster Rifle 3B) Fire weapon two times as a Greater Action; each attack is at -1D
Echani Unarmed Fighting I Awareness 3 (Empathy 1B), Agility 3 (Dodge 1B), Fighting 4 (Brawl 2B) When using Counterattack, use base weapon damage of adjacent opponents instead of own; when making attacks using Counterattack, increase Fighting test by ranks in Empathy
Echani Unarmed Fighting II Echani Unarmed Fighting I; Awareness 4 (Empathy 2B), Agility 4 (Dodge 2B), Fighting 5 (Brawl 3B) Make an immediate unarmed attack against any opponent attacks and fails to inflict damage; such attacks gain maximum of 1 degree; may a number of such attacks per round equal to Brawl ranks
Echani Unarmed Fighting III Echani Unarmed Fighting II; Agility 5 (Dodge 3B), Fighting 6 (Brawl 4B) Fighting (Brawl) test against the passive Awareness of an enemy who attacks and fails to inflict damage to cause them to attack an adjacent target of your choice
Gunslinger Marksmanship 4 (Blasters 2B) Blasters gain Fast Quality when you use them; increase Combat Defense by +1 when using blaster
Hybrid Form Two Lightsaber Form Benefits Ignore the -1D penalty when taking Maneuvers not in the proper Stance
Sniper Marksmanship 5 (Blaster Rifle 3B) Bonus dice from Aim Action may exceed normal limits; may retain dice until they are spent, or you change targets
Teras Kasi Martial Art I Athletics 3, Agility 3 (Quickness 1B), Fighting 4 (Brawl 2B) Increase base Damage of unarmed attacks by ranks in Brawl
Teras Kasi II Teras Kasi Martial Art I; Awareness 4, Agility 4 (Quickness 2B), Fighting 5 (Brawl 3B) Add ranks in Brawl to Agility (Quickness) tests for initiative
Teras Kasi Martial Art III Teras Kasi Martial Art II; Fighting 6 (Brawl 4B), Will 4 (Dedication 2B) Increase the difficulty of Force Powers to affect you by twice ranks in Brawl

Lightsaber Form Benefits

Quality Requirements Effects
Form I: Student of Shii-Cho Fighting 3 (Lightsaber 1B), Will 3 Gain Defensive Neutral and Offensive Neutral Stances; gain Center of Being, Disarming Slash, and Sarlacc Sweet Maneuvers; reduce Training Requirement of lightsabers by half Will ranks
Form I: Master of Shii-Cho Student of Shii-Cho; Fighting 4 (Lightsaber 3B), Will 4 Gain Flowing River Stance; gain Crashing Wave and Flash Flood Maneuvers; ignore a number of -1 or -1D penalties from Fatigue, Injures or Wounds equal to your Will ranks
Form II: Student of Makashi Student of Shii-Cho; Fighting 4 (Lightsabers 2B) Gain Perfected Balance Stance; gain Contentious Opportunity and Riposte Maneuvers; Disarm attacks against you now require 3 degrees of success
Form II: Master of Makashi Student of Makashi; Fighting 6 (Lightsaber 4B) Gain Endless Circle Stance; gain Refined Feint and Manipulative Maneuver Maneuvers; increase Combat Defense or passive Ability ratings by ranks in Lightsaber when targeted by Force Powers
Form III: Student of Soresu Student of Shii-Cho; Fighting 4 (Lightsaber 2B), Agility 2 (Quickness 2B) Gain Calm in the Storm Stance; gain Deflecting Slash and Circle of Shelter Maneuvers; increase Defensive Quality of lightsaber by +1, and retain +1 of this even when attacking
Form III: Master of Soresu Student of Soresu; Fighting 5 (Lightsaber 3B), Agility 3 (Quickness 3B) Gain the Gathering Storm Stance; gain the Blade Wall and Blaster Redirection Maneuvers; increase the damage and AR provided by Dangerous Weapon Quality by 2
Form IV: Student of Ataru Student of Shii-Cho; Fighting 4 (Lightsaber 2B), Agility 2 (Acrobatics 2B), Acrobatic Dodge Gain the Hurricane Stance; gain the Hawk-Bat Swoop and Saber Swarm Maneuvers; Considered to have Higher Ground when attacking after a movement, gaining a +1B
Form IV: Master of Ataru Student of Ataru; Fighting 5 (Lightsaber 3B), Agility 3 (Acrobatics 3B) Gain the Gale Force and Thundering Advance Stances; gain the Endless Assault and Falling Leaf Maneuvers; when Charging, increase Base Damage by ranks in Acrobatics instead of +2
Form V: Student of Shien Student of Soresu; Fighting 4 (Lightsaber 3B), Agility 2 (Dodge 2B) Gain Unending Shield Defense; gain Barrier of Blades and Shien Deflection Maneuvers; increase base damage of attacks made with Counterattack by weapon's Defensive Quality
Form V: Master of Shien Student of Shien; Fighting 6 (Lightsaber 3B), Agility 3 (Dodge 3B) Gain Spitting Spinetusker Stance; gain Aegis and Determined Advance Maneuvers; increase weapon's Defensive Quality rating by ranks in Dodge
Form V: Student of Djem So Student of Soresu; Fighting 4 (Lightsaber 3B), Athletics 2 (Strength 2B) Gain Kryat's Crest Stance; gain Falling Avalanche and Fluid Riposte Maneuvers; when using lightsaber two-handed, substitute Athletics for Agility when determining base damage
Form V: Master of Djem So Student of Djem So; Fighting 6 (Lightsaber 3B), Athletics 5 (Strength 3B) Gain Kryat's Claw Stance; gain Explosive Onslaught and Overwhelm Maneuvers; reduce target's Combat Defense by weapon Defensive Quality when using Counterattack, to a maximum of Strength specialty
Form VI: Student of Niman Student of Shii-Cho; Fighting 3 (Lightsaber 1B); Telekinesis Force Power Gain Determined Diplomat Stance; gain Pull Closer and Pushing Slash Maneuvers; add ranks in Lightsaber to all tests to use Force Power against an opponent in combat
Form VI: Master of Niman Student of Niman; Fighting 4 (Lightsaber 2B) Gain the Twisting Vision and Classical Stance Stances; gain the Tidal Wave and Mediator's Meditation Maneuvers; when taking the Catch Your Breath action, regain 1 Force Point if scoring 4 degrees of success
Form VII: Student of Juyo Any two Form Student Benefits; Fighting 4 (Lightsaber 3B), Agility 4, Will 4 Gain the Malignant Grace Stance; gain Assured Strike and Vonskr's Ferocity Maneuvers; add ranks in Agility to results of any Fighting test
Form VII: Master of Juyo Student of Juyo; Fighting 6 (Lightsaber 5B), Will 5; 1+ Dark Side Point Gain Raging Rancor Stance; gain Renewed Fury and Swift Flank Maneuvers; gain +1D to Fighting Test when successfully Distracting an opponent
Dun Möch Technique Cunning 4, Persuasion or Deception 4, Will 4 Gain Manipulate and Drain Resolve Maneuvers; target Intrigue Defense instead of passive Will when taking the Distract action
Jar'Kai Technique Athletics 4, Awareness 4, Fighting 4 Gain Twin Strike and Cross Block Guard Maneuvers; each turn, may choose to replace off-hand weapon's Defensive or Offhand ratings with ranks in weapon specialty
Juya-Kas Technique Athletics 4, Agility 4, Fighting 4 Gain the Twirling Strike and Dominating Defense Maneuvers; may treat saberstaff as two weapons for effects that require it
Lus-ma Technique Awareness 4, Agility 4, Fighting 4 Gain the Spinning Strike and Whirling Defense Maneuvers; Can never be denied Awareness to Combat Defense
Saber Throw Agility 4, Awareness 4, Marksmanship 3 Gain the Ranged Strike and Intercepting Block Maneuvers; if you are trained in Telekinesis Power, thrown weapon returns to hand as a free action
Sokan Technique Athletics 4, Agility 4, Warfare 2 (Tactics 2B) Gain the High Ground Defense and Unhindered Charge Maneuvers; add ranks in Tactics to any Athletics or Agility test
Tràkata Technique Agility 2 (Quickness 1B), Fighting 4, Deception 4, Thievery 2 (Sleight of Hand 1B) Gain Pass the Blade and Unbalancing Block Maneuvers; add half Deception ranks to Combat Defense and Fighting (Lightsaber) test results.
Tusken Grip Technique Agility 2 (Quickness 2B), Awareness 4, Fighting 4 Gain Reversed Slash and Fluid Defense Maneuvers; use Defensive Quality from weapon against opponents who attack from behind, even if you attack this round

Social Benefits

Quality Requirements Effects
Office Presence 3 Elected official; gain +1D to all non-Force-based Presence tests


Quality Requirements Effects
Cybernetics -- You are susceptible to the Ion Weapon Quality
Fallen to Darkness -- Fallen to the Dark Side
Ritualist Must possess Force Powers Must use an Extended Test to activate Force Powers
Untrained Must possess Force Powers Must spend a Force Point to activate the Persistent Effect of Force Powers
Outworlder -- You suffer -1D to Knowledge Tests for information regarding the Republic; lose half your Cunning from Intrigue Defense
Meditative Mandate Must have Force Powers Must spend a Lesser Action to enter a meditative state before using Force Powers, or suffer a -1D