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Niko Guarin
Jedi Knight
Species: Human • Gender: Male • Homeworld: Space/Ord Mentell
Height: xxx • Weight: xxx • Age: Late Teens • Skin: xxx • Hair/Fur: xxx • Eyes: xxx
Virtue: Thoughtful
Vice: Vengful
Goals: xxx
Motivation: xxx
Agility: 4 (Quickness 2B)
Athletics: 2
Awareness: 4 (Sense 4B)
Cunning: 2
Deception: 1
Endurance: 4
Fighting: 4 (Lightsaber 4B)
Healing: 2
Knowledge: 2
Languages: 3 (Basic), 1 (Bocce)
Marksmanship: 3
Mechanics: 2
Persuasion: {{{Persuasion}}}
Presence: 5 (Alter 4B)
Stealth: 2
Survival: 4 (Animal Handle 1B)
Thievery: 1
Warfare: 3
Will: 4 (Control 3B)
Intrigue Defense: 11 • Composure: 12
Combat Defense: 14/13(10 + Defensive 2 + 2 Quickness) • Stamina: 12 • Fatigue: 5
Movement: 4• Sprint: 16
Armor Type: Dangerous • Armor Rating: 7 • Armor Penalty: N/A
Lightsaber: 4D+3B • Damage 5 (AGI+1) • Training 3B (reduced to 1B), Defensive (+2), Dangerous, Energy, Piercing, Versatile • RANGE 0
Destiny Points: 0
Force Sensitive*: Gain Force abilities, plus 1 Force Points

Strong in the Force: Gain Sense Force, plus 2 Force Points
Convergance in the Force: Gain Heightened Senses, plus 2 Force Points
Force Training x2: Gain Force Defense, TK, Heal Self, and Heal Another plus 2 Force Points
Obscure Power: Gain the Control Beasts power, plus 1 Force Point
Form I: Student of Shii-Cho*: Stances + Maneuvers + reduce Training Requirements of lightsabers by half Will ranks.
Form VI: Student of Niman: Stances + Maneuvers + When a Force Power is used against an opponent in Combat, add Ranks in Lightsaber Specialty to Test Result.
Form VI: Master of Niman: Stances + Maneuvers + Catch Your Breath Action Test results with four Degrees of Success regain 1 spent Force Point.
Form III: Student of Soresu: Stances + Maneuvers + Grain +1 to Defensive Bonus and retain +1 of this Bonus when attacking.
Form III: Master of Soresu: Stances + Maneuvers + Increase the Damage and AR provided by the Dangerous Weapon Quality by 2.

Racist (Bothans): -1D to all Empathy Tests, and reduce Starting Disposition to Dislike or worse.

Fear (Alone): Suffer -1D to all tests when alone, d6 each round on 6, negate
Honorbound: Reroll all 6's on Deception and take second result.
Trouble Magnet: Whenever you spend a Destiny Point roll a d6, on a 1 it's wasted with no effect.

The Force
Force Points: 8 • Corruption: 0
Force Powers
Telekinesis, Force Defense, Heal Self, Heal Another, Sense Force, Heightened Senses and Control Beasts
Defensive Neutral (Shii-Cho): +1 Combat Defense per opponent weapon faced (max lower of Sense or Control); move up to [Lightsabers] yds maximum.

Offensive Neutral (Shii-Cho): Add Control to Aim Action bonus; move up to [Lightsabers] yds maximum.
Twisting Vision + Determined Diplomat (Niman): Force Powers that are Greater Actions are now Lesser Actions and you always apply the Defensive Quality Rating to Combat Defense regardless if you attack or not. In addition, you increase your Fighting Test Results by your weapons full Defensive Quality Rating.
Classical Stance + Determined (Niman): You may substitute your Offhand weapons Defensive Quality Rating for its Offhand Quality Rating when making a Two-Weapon Attack and you always apply the Defensive Quality Rating to Combat Defense regardless if you attack or not. In addition, you increase your Fighting Test Results by your weapons full Defensive Quality Rating.
. • Gathering Storm + Calm in the Storm (Soresu): Dodge Actions are also Aim Actions + Gain Quickness (up to Sense) to CD +1 for each additional opponent.

Center of Being: Catch Your Breath uses Will.

Disarming Slash (1S): Disarm Supplemental: Add Alter to Fighting test.
Sarlacc Sweep (1F): Divided Attack: Add Control dice to distribute among attacks.
Pull Closer: (1S) Prior to attack, cause an opponent to move toward you a number of yards equal to your Ranks in Presence. If this distance exceeds their Ranks in the Agility Ability, you may add your Ranks in the Alter Specialty to your Fighting Test Result.
Pushing Slash: (2S) Force Push Action, against an adjacent opponent, Knockdown is an attack which inflicts weapons Base Damage, You may add your Ranks in the Lightsaber Specialty as Bonus Dice to your Force Push Test.
Tidal Wave (1S): When taking Divided Attack as a Force Push, gain the Fast Quality.
Mediator’s Meditation (1F): First Force Power in Combat is not considered an Attack, allowing for a second attack with a Force Power at -1D.
Deflecting Slash (1S): When taking the Counterattack Action, adjacent opponenta may be attacked instead of the source but does not benefit from Degrees of Success.
Circle of Shelter (1F): Use Fighting (Lightsabers) instead of Agility (Dodge) for Dodge Actions, adding Ranks Quickness as Bonus Dice.
Blade Wall (1S): Circle of Shelter Dodge Defense may now be applied to Allies up to Ranks in Alter.
Blaster Redirection (1F): Take Counter attacks with Fighting (Sense) with Base Damage equal to incoming attack.