Noel Shepherd

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A halfbreed born to Cale, a godless Eastern animal auctioneer and Tefris, a heathen Mountain Person, Noel was raised on the road with his father who had beat his mother to death when he was young. He managed to escape his father and found welcome refuge from the kind shepherd Tolan and his daughter Jessica. Tolan and Jessica treated him like family and taught him the Faith. Noel was quite content with his new life, but he was chosen to become a Dog. A choice he did not agree with nor understood until struck by an epiphany during his training at the Temple. He realized that as a Dog he would he armed with the power & tools to save and protect the innocent, his mother, who is all mothers, from the barbaric evils of the world, such as his father, and the ignorance of the unfaithful or misled. While he still doubts his worthiness, he has now wholeheartedly accepted his fate as a Dog of the Faith.

Name: Noel Shepherd Background: complicated community

Heart: 2d6 Body: 6d6 Will: 4d6 Acuity: 3d6


  • Simple & brutish demeanor: 1d8
  • Animal magnetism & empathy: 3d6
  • Brawler w/ hands on approach: 2d6
  • Master cookie: 1d8
  • "Dingo" the coyote: 1d6
  • Independent Lone Wolf: 1d6


  • Gentle Ambrose, the Temple pigeon keeper: 1d10
  • Tolan the shepherd & daughter Jessica: 2d6
  • "I'm a Dog": 1d4
  • Cale (father): 1d8
  • Mountain People: 1d4


  • Marmalade (horse)
  • Coat (2d6); Jessica made coat from later mothers dress patches w/ raven feathered collar
  • Book of Life
  • dirt
  • Justice (rifle: 1d8/1d4)
  • extensive cooking gear: 2d8
  • ill fitting long brimmed hat w/ coyote bite out of it