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"I was everything, patriarch, priest, father and judge. " - John Sutter

I am the Pathfinder. Friend to the Sublime Huntsman. Mate of the Wave Dancer. Patriarch of the Otterpops. I come from nowhere before I was in the West. My life had not begun until I came to these seas and thus I shall never speak of it, nor shall you ask. The world is tarnished and damaged and it is my task to repair it and create a better world for all people, be they human or beastman. A world where they are equals. A world that is safe from the menaces within, the Realm, and without, the Wyld.


The Words of the Unconquered Sun to Pathfinder, upon his Exaltation:

"Oh...terribly sorry. Mistell. Luna will be with you shortly. Carry on."

Kirov Pathfinder

Kirov stands roughly 5' 8" and tends to heavy, but solid plumpness. He is pale with long straight black hair to his thighs with a wide white stripe running the entire length. He has very pale blue eyes. His features are somewhat androgynous as they sit the fence between masculine & feminine making it difficult to discern which gender he may be. If he tries really hard, he can manage to grow a wispy mustache and a pretty decent soul patch he usually keeps long, but that's about the extent of it beyond patchy scruff on his cheeks & neck that he generally keeps shaven clean. Kirov often wears simple to ornate robes & fanciful self made shoes, often with towering hats or headdresses and veils in public and is often fanning himself (or being fanned by a servant) due to the much warmer climates in the West. He is very fond of jewelry and wears an ever changing assortment of rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. He frequently wears heavy eyeliner.

Alternatively when slumming it, Kirov ditches the layers of garb, hats, makeup & bling & wears a studded leather vest & sarong with heavy boots making it near impossible to link his alter ego's together. To his contacts and friends he is known as Pathfinder, which is the name Sublime Huntsman gave him after they arrived in the West.

Pathfinder is rarely seen without the company of his otter beastman personal assistant Turtle clinging to his clipboard like a drowning man to a raft and his demonic neomah servant that he calls Lavender.

Caste/Aspect: No Moon; Spirit Totem: Skunk; Tell: white stripe; Concept: Father & architect of the future.; Anima: More words go here; Motivation: Initially, start a new community, a safe place for his children and others to call home & feel secure in & proud of. In time he also seeks beastmen equality in Creation;

  • Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3; Charisma 3, Manipulation 4, Appearance 2; Perception 3, Intelligence 5, Wits 4
  • Abilities: Awareness 1, Dodge 2, Integrity 1, Martial Arts 1, Craft 1, Linguistics 2, Sail 1, Socialize 2, Stealth 1, Survival 2, Investigation 3, Lore 3, Medicine 1, Occult 5, Occult Specialty (sorcery) 3, Survival Specialty (the sea) 1
  • Backgrounds: Hearts Blood 2 (4-10), Tattoo Artifact 2 (hearthstone bracers), Tattoo Artifact (breastplate), Ally 1 (Sublime Huntsman), Followers 3 (up to 100, the "otterpops" crew & Echo Village residents), Artifact 3 (jade spell cord), Contacts 1 (Wave Dancer), Manse 3 (Bamboo Shrine), Cult 1 (6 Cowled Priests), Resources 3 (tied up in Followers)
  • Knacks
    • Humble Mouse Shape;
  • Excellencies
    • 1st Intelligence Excellency;
    • 1st Stamina Excellency;
    • 1st Wits Excellency;
  • Intelligence Charms:
    • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery;
  • Stamina Charms:
    • Bruise-Relief Method;
  • Sorcery
    • Demon of the First Circle;
    • Incantation of Effective Restoration;
    • Spirit Sword;
  • Combos:
    • Combo #1: None yet.
  • Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 2, Temperance 4, Valor 1; Virtue Flaw: Humble Sloth
  • Willpower: 6; Essence: 3; Personal Essence: 15; Peripheral Essence: 34 (40-6 committed tattoo artifacts); Anima Power: I be magic man!
  • DVs: Evade 7, Parry 6, Mental 7; Soak: #B/#L/#A;

Health Levels: ##.

  • Attacks
  • Possessions:
    • Artifacts: Moonsilver tattoo hearthstone bracers, moonsilver breastplate, jade spell cord
    • Hearthstones: Stone of Resilient Bamboo (3)
  • Intimacies: Otterpops (4; established), Echo Village residents (3; established), Sublime Huntsman (1), Wave Dancer (1), Obsidian Gaze (1)
  • Hearts Blood Forms: Northern wolf, door mouse, parrot, sea otter, seahorse, polar bear, gibbon monkey, eel, penguin, Tamandua (northern)
  • Active Summons: Lavender (neomah/The Ecstatic), Burgundy (Erymanthoi/The Warden), Chartreuse (naneke/tasked)
  • Athletic Measurements
    • Horizontal Jump: 4
    • Vertical Jump: 2
    • Move: 2
    • Dash: 8
    • Lift: XX lbs.

Other Important Individuals

Experience Points

Earned: 14
    • Session 1 (2.17.10): 3
      • Timeline: 1
    • Session 2 (2.24.10): 4
      • Timeline: 1
    • Session 3 (3.3.10): 4
      • Timeline: 1

Spent: 14; Unspent: 0

  • Received/Spent 10 additional bonus points in chargen.
  • Slow Buy: Charm - 1st Manipulation Excellency (cost 11; PAID TO DATE: 4)
  • Slow Buy: Raising Willpower from 6 to 7 (cost 12; PAID TO DATE: 2)
  • Added Intimacy; Obsidian Gaze 1 (cost 0)
  • Slow Buy: Sorcery 1.0 - Infallible Messenger (cost 9; PAID TO DATE: 4)
  • Slow Buy: Charm - The Spider's Trap Door (cost 9; PAID TO DATE: 4)
  • Slow Buy: Charm - Ox Body #1 (cost 11; PAID TO DATE: 0)
  • Slow Buy: Raising Appearance from 2 to 3 (cost 8; PAID TO DATE: 0)