Pirate Carl

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Race: Human, Class: Rogue 5, Fighter 1
Background: Pirate, Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Patron Deity: TBA
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Ability Scores
Strength 18 (+4), Dexterity 16 (+3), Constitution 18 (+4);
Intelligence 8 (-1), Wisdom 12 (+1), Charisma 11 (0)
Bonus: 3
Saving Throws: Dexterity, Intelligence
Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Intimidation, Perception, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Survival
Tools: Thieves Tools, Disguise Kit, Poisoner Kit, Navigator's Tools, Vehicle (water)
Languages: Common
Armor: Light & Medium
Weapons: Simple & Martial
Expertise (Athletics & Stealth), Sneak Attack (3d6), Thieves' Cant, Cunning Action, Uncanny Dodge, Assassinate, Fighting Style (Defensive), Second Wind
Medium Armor Master
Attacks: XXX
Armor Class: 20, Initiative: +3, Speed: 30
Hit Points: 64, Hit Dice: 1d10 & 5d8
Personality Traits: has 3 modes: happy, angry & confused (also drunk which usually combines all three), shy around men/women he's attracted to (thinks displays of strength and/or shiny gifts are the best way to win them over), thinks it's endearing of him to call out "land ho" anytime he spots something noteworthy,
Ideals: might makes right, honesty is doing it yourself, laws are made by the rich to impair freedom & squash honest men
Bonds: his "brothers & sisters", what is his (territorial),
Flaws: honest, slow to grasp the bigger picture, "I should have whatever I want", afraid of storms (believes them ill omens)

"Yarr!" - Steve the Pirate


I'm Carl. Ma was a whore, Da was cook on a fancy navy ship - all clean and shiny. When I was old enough to hold a bucket and mop, he said I was to be cabin boy for that fancy ship with that Capn' wore a wig and smelled like flowers. I hated him - the Capn', not my Da.
Not even grown my whiskers yet when the ship fell to pirates. Most of the men died in the fight, some were tossed overboard after - Da was one of them because he said no way he gonna cook for pirates. Good for me, I helped Da cook, so I said yes! I'll cook for pirates!
So I was cook for crew of the Crimson Kraken. But not very good. Replaced me with a good cook when we captured one. But Capn' liked me - said I was loyal, tough and dim. Put me to work on the deck instead, and later put a sword in my hand. I was a real pirate. It was great. I loved it. It was a good, honest mans life.

Then our ship sank in a bad storm.
I woke up on the shore all alone.

Met some highwaymen, they said they were pirates too - pirates of the land. So I joined their crew. We robbed rich people who didn't share - with us. Which was all of 'em. We were due our share too, so we took it. I love the sea, but I came to love the wood as well. The woods is kinda like the sea. Just not as wet. And...with trees. Bears instead of sharks. Anyway! It was a good, honest mans life.
Then a new sheriff and his men came and killed all my new brothers. I ran, but it was stormy and raining, slipped and fell off a cliff.

I woke up in a ditch all alone.



Carried Equipment: Scalemail, shield, rapier, dagger, backpack, waterskin, thieves' tools, disguise kit, poisoner kit, navigator's tools, common clothes, 50' rope, bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, 10x torches, rations (10)

Stored Equipment:

Other Important Individuals

  • Nobody: Never knew Ma. Da is dead. Capn' and the Crimson Kraken crew are dead. My highwaymen buddies are dead. Don't really know anyone else. Yet. Time to find me a new crew!

Projects, Goals and/or Downtime

  • Find some good, paying "honest" work with a new gang.
  • Drink heavily.


Session 1, x.x.x -