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Sources: AoRCore (Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook) • DC (Dangerous Covenants) • EoECore (Edge of Empire Core Rulebook) • FaDCore (Force and Destiny Core Rulebook) • FH (Far Horizon) • FiB (Forged in Battle) • SoF (Suns of Fortune) • SoR (Strongholds of Resistance)

Item Effects Cost & Rarity Enc Sourcebook
3-MAL Secure Comlink Comm system in a tiny pill-shaped package. Military grade encryption that also accesses popular civil defense, emergency services, and law enforcement frequencies, and can transmit either voice or data. Transmits up to Medium range (planetary). Add Setback-die.png to attempts to intercept or decode transmissions from it. Monitoring local frequencies can add Boost-die.pngBoost-die.png to Knowledge checks related to current events or conditions. 250cr/4 0 FiB52
Atgar Artillery Remote Sync with a Gunnery weapon emplacement to cause it to fire remotely. Computers (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) to sync, -1 Difficulty if weapon is an Atgar model weapon. Synced weapon gains Inaccurate 2, which can be operated from up to Medium range away. 400c/7 1 FiB52
Bespin Motors Remote Activation Controller (short range) Device that activates a ship or vehicle, worn on wrist or stored in pocket. Short range simply starts vehicle and activates pre-flight checks, out to five km. Long range includes a slave circuit that causes vehicle or ship to start and come to the owner's location, though the autopilot slave circuit is not very complex; may require remote piloting to reach a difficult or confusing location, at Piloting (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png), via the remote itself. 300cr/4 (short), 1500cr/7 (long) 0 SoF101
Carbanti United Encryption Module Module that connects to comlinks or hypertransceivers to encrypt messages. Decryption requires a Class One droid or ship mainframe, and is a Computers (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) to do so. 1250cr/6 3 SoF101
Chedak Communications X-500 Portable HoloNet Relay Grants connection to galactic HoloNet in a portable form. Allows communications through HoloNet, including via holo-messenger synced to coded transmission feed from relay. 75,000cr/7 15 FH47
Cirenian Communications Pioneer Long-Range Hypertransceiver Subspace transceiver that can send messages up to 100 light years, with most civilized planets maintaining local subspace networks connecting to deep-space relay satellites to create sector-wide communications grids. Most starships have hypertransceivers; this is for a portable unit. 100cr/3 5 SoF101
Comlink (Handheld) Handheld or headset units worn to provide communication with one other comlink or with a group of them to a common "channel." Range is citywide, or planetary with a com hub, such as a ship or satellite. 25cr/0 0 AoRCore187, EoECore182, FaDCore 183
Comlink (Long Range) Satchel or backpack communication unit that can communicate with one other comlink or with a group of them on a common "channel". Range is planetary, or solar system with a satellite or civic com hub. 200cr/1 2 AoRCore187, EoECore182, FaDCore 183
Earbud Comlink Small earbud communicator. Has a usable range of Long. Noticing requires a Perception (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) check. 75cr/5 0 CaM46
False Voice Transmitter Device to allow typed or spoken input to be "spoken" in another voice entirely. When impersonating another person whose vocal patterns are part of the transmitter, upgrade the user's Charm, Coercion, Deception, Leadership, and Negotiation checks once. 1400cr/6 4 SoR111
Hardened Comlink Comlink featuring sattelite uplink, boosted broadcast power, and military-grade encryption. Add Failure-result.pngFailure-result.png to checks to decode and understand its transmissions, and Success-result.pngSuccess-result.png to attempts to broadcast through a com jammer. 450cr/4 3 DC59
Herzfall Communications Collar-Amp Small silver device that attaches to collar or throat of garment and projects user's voice so that they can be heard at up to Long or Extreme range (depending on terrain and ambient noise).
Sound Sync (Attachment): 100cr Collar-amp can now hook into a sound system or entertainment system, allowing it to benefit from the benefits of those systems.
50cr/1 0 FH47
Holo-Messenger Device the size of a hand that can record and transmit live holo-images received by other holo-messenger units. Requires planetary HoloNet access. 250cr/4 0 AoRCore187, EoECore182, FaDCore 183
Polis Massan Voicebox A neurally connected vocorder that allows the user to think words into the device, which then speaks them. 50cr/6 1 SoR111
PTP Link Multichannel communications device capable of transmitting audio signals up to 25 kilometers. Obsolete on worlds with advanced telecommunications, most modern tech doesn't pick up these transmissions, letting users communicate freely with little chance of being overheard.
PTP Encryption (Attachment): 1000cr/8. Device that scrambles PTP transmissions, requiring another programmed with the same protocols to unscramble at the receiving end.
100cr/7 2 SoR111
SoroSuub DH77 Headcomm Typical Imperial helmet comms; poor signal strength but constantly shifting encryption. Transmits up to Medium range (planetary). Add Setback-die.pngSetback-die.pngSetback-die.png to attempts to intercept signal. 400cr/3R 0 FiB52
Verpine Comlink Comlink that can access the short-wave radio frequency used by the Verpine as part of their hive mind communication. 250cr/6 1 SoR111

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