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Sources: AoRCore (Age of Rebellion Core Book) • CaM (Cyphers and Masks) • DA (Desperate Allies) • DC (Dangerous Covenants) • DoH (Disciples of Harmony) • EoECore (Edge of Empire Core Book) • EtU (Enter the Unknown) • EV (Endless Vigil) • FaDCore (Force and Destiny Core Rulebook) • FC (Fly Casual) • FH (Far Horizons) • FiB (Forged in Battle) • FLT (Friends Like These) • FO (Fully Operational) • KtP (Keeping the Peace) • LbE (Lead by Example) • LoNH (Lords of Nal Hutta) • ND (No Disintegrations) • NoP (Nexus of Power) • SaS (Ships and Speeders) • SM (Special Modifications) • SoF (Suns of Fortune) • SoR (Strongholds of Resistance) • SoT (Stay on Target) • SS (Savage Spirits)

Item Effects Cost & Rarity Enc Sourcebook
Antidote Set Small kit for synthesizing medical antidotes to toxins and poisons; those to whom it is administered reduce the difficulty of any check to resist an identified poison by 2. (Knowledge: Underworld Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png to identify poisons) 250cr/5 1 DA51
Antishock Blanket Length of specialized-function material that performs compression and thermal stabilization of a patient. A patient who is treated with an antishock blanket after taking a Critical Hit has the difficulty of healing that Critical Hit reduced by one. 250cr/2 2 DoH48
Athakam MedTech Military Medpac (Untrained/Emergency) Medpac with integrated medical analysis and treatment computers to provide medical treatment step by step. Allows a character without Medicine to treat another without penalty. If character has no ranks in Medicine, considered to have 1 rank using this medpac. 400cr/3 2 DC59
Bacta (liter) Viscous healing liquid that increases the rate of healing. May be administered by injection or patches. 20cr/1 1 AoRCore187, EoECore182, FaDCore 183
Bacta (tank) Viscous healing liquid that increases the rate of healing. Often filling tanks into which patients are submerged, with breathing apparatus. 4000cr/1 12 AoRCore187, EoECore182, FaDCore 183
Bioscan Sensor device that recognizes anomalies in a patient, identifying species, age, and medical condition, including disruptions such as injuries and diseases to deliberate modifications such as cybernetics and cosmetic modifications. Remove Setback-die.pngSetback-die.png from Medicine checks performed on a scanned patient. 5000cr/2 1 DoH48
Blood Scanner Sensor device that examines blood samples, isolating health markers, chemicals, poisons, diseases, and similar states. Medicine (Difficulty-die.png) to identify elements. Successful scan adds Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png to next Medicine check on subject. 400cr/5 1 KtP50
Chiewab APC ECM-598 Medical Backpack Scaled-up medpac with medical equipment, drugs, tools, scanners, and other contents, in a sturdy internal-frame backpack. Includes slim datapad loaded with emergency-procedure database for most known species, plus collapsable repulsor stretcher (holds up to 150kg). May use to make Medicine checks without penalty, adding Boost-die.png to Medicine tests. Reduce difficulty of any Medicine checks to heal Critical Injuries by 1. 450cr/4 2 EtU48
Chiewab APC IRAPS Cerebral Stabilizer "Brain cage" that maintains central nervous system of critically injured patient. Must be applied within one round of suffering Critical Injury, to a patient suffering from Bleeding Out, The End is Nigh Crits, or who has died the round before. Medicine (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) to apply, and character is stabilized; if he has died, he is brought back to life, but considered to suffer the Gruesome Injury Crit. 2200cr/7 3 DC59
Emergency Medpac Standard on many ships or public spaces. Allows use of Medicine to heal a patient, without penalty. 100cr/1 1 AoRCore187, EoECore182, FaDCore 183
Healer's Kit Fringer's kit made of local herbs and treatments, allowing the use of a Medicine check without penalty. Cannot be purchased, but must scavenge with a Survival (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) test. When using, a Despair-result.png indicates the kit has been expended and must be renewed with a Survival (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) test. –/– 2 SS48
Military Traumapac Medical kit that only permits use of Medicine to attempt to remove Critical Injuries and nothing more. 50cr/3 1 FiB52
Medpac/Physician's Kit Typically carried by first responders and field medics. Allows use of Medicine to heal a patient, without penalty, and adding Boost-die.png. Also grants benefits of a single stimpack per scene. 400cr/2 2 AoRCore187, EoECore182, FaDCore 183
Med-Aid Patch Bacta-coagulant compress patch that adds Success-result.pngAdvantage-result.png to a Medicine check if the patch is expended on the patient. May use no more than one patch per Medicine check. 20cr/4 1 KtP50
Plasma Protein Replicator A device used to quickly replace lost blood or other vital fluids. When used to heal a Critical Injury, add Success-result.png to the Medicine check to heal the injury. 5500cr/4 2 DoH48
Spray Plasto-Cast Spray can whose contents harden into plaster-like substance on contact with air, used to immobilize limbs to avoid exacerbating damage. Apply with a Medicine (Difficulty-die.png) check; if the limb is disabled due to a Critical Injury, it heals within a weak of narrative time. 35cr/1 1 DoH48
Stimpack Patch or autohypo containing a cocktail of painkillers, anti-inflammatories, bacta, and antibiotics. One use as a Maneuver restores 5 Wounds. Each additional use within the same 24 hour period reduces the amount recovered by 1. 25cr/1 0 AoRCore187, EoECore182, FaDCore 183
Synthskin/Synthflesh Bandage-like synthetic flesh that not only seals and sterilizes wounds but also conceals them. Adds Boost-die.png to a Medicine test to heal injuries, but does not permit a Medicine check without other equipment. 10cr/1 AoRCore187, EoECore182, FaDCore 183
Xenivet XV-38 Veterinary Kit Medpac designed for analyzing biological data and synthesizing treatments for a wide variety of alien life forms. Acts as a standard medpac for such creatures, plus adds Boost-die.png to all Knowledge (Xenology), Medicine, or Survival skill checks to analyze and treat them. 600cr/3 3 SoT45, SS48

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