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Sources: AoRCore (Age of Rebellion Core Book) • CaM (Cyphers and Masks) • DA (Desperate Allies) • DC (Dangerous Covenants) • DoH (Disciples of Harmony) • EoECore (Edge of Empire Core Book) • EtU (Enter the Unknown) • EV (Endless Vigil) • FaDCore (Force and Destiny Core Rulebook) • FC (Fly Casual) • FH (Far Horizons) • FiB (Forged in Battle) • FLT (Friends Like These) • FO (Fully Operational) • KtP (Keeping the Peace) • LbE (Lead by Example) • LoNH (Lords of Nal Hutta) • ND (No Disintegrations) • NoP (Nexus of Power) • SaS (Ships and Speeders) • SM (Special Modifications) • SoF (Suns of Fortune) • SoR (Strongholds of Resistance) • SoT (Stay on Target) • SS (Savage Spirits)

Item Effects Cost & Rarity Enc Sourcebook

Illumination & Power
Draxton DF-15 Medium-Yield Fusion Generator Small fusion generator meant to power worksites and small buildings. Small cube roughly half a meter square with a number of universal power couplings on each face. As a maneuver, may use generator to recharge an energy weapon or device that has run out of power or ammunition. 550cr/4 4 FO48
Extra Reload Battery pack that can be used to "reload" energy weapons or other powered devices which have generally been rendered out of power (often through Despair-result.png results). 25cr/1 1 AoRCore187, EoECore183, FaDCore183
Fusion Lantern Durable and reliable source of light, heat, and power frequently added in collapsable form to travel and emergency survival kits. Has different settings for output of light and heat, with cording that also allows them to power or recharge devices (including energy weapons). 150cr/2 2 AoRCore187, EoECore183, FaDCore183
Glow Rod Simple directional handheld light source capable of illuminating out to Short range. 10cr/0 1 AoRCore187, EoECore183, FaDCore183
Demolitions Tool Kit Small tool kit (roughly thirteen centimeters when closed) with specialized tools designed for working with explosives. Contains pliers, cutters, a cap crimper, multiple cutting blades, electrical crimper, and blasting cap crimper. Though not as extensive as a full EOD kit, still allows Mechanics checks to interact with explosives. When using it, may spend Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png to remove Despair-result.png. 400cr/3 4 FO48
EVA Powersuit Sealed powered suit with a simple droid brain to help control the limbs and complicated maneuvering thrusters of the suit, as well as monitor life support. Equipped with a variety of tools, welders, and cutting lasers. Ignore penalties for moving in zero-g; built-in arc welders, small cutting laser, and repair tools. 1500cr/7 12 SoF101
Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Kit A kit with specialized equipment for disarming and disposing of explosive compounds, devices, and military-grade ordnance. Contains a specialized demolitions multitool, a small hand scanner, a bore-scope with a holographic display, and various hand tools and cutting implements. Add Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png to any checks to detect and disarm or otherwise neutralize explosive compounds and devices. 400cr/5 4 FO48
Jedi Multi-Tool/Lightsaber Maintenance Kit Compact device with several delicate tools, designed to work on lightsabers. Counts as a tool kit for being able to perform any delicate Mechanics checks; gain Advantage-result.png to building, modifying, or repairing lightsabers. 700cr/9R 2 KtP50
Journeyman Tools Inc. Custom Tool Kit Custom-constructed tool set used to work on one specific type of item (vehicle type, item, droid, computer); user for whom it was built gains Boost-die.png to all checks to work on that item. Others gain Setback-die.png. 700cr/5 5 SoT45
Loronar Corporation Excavator Precision Tool Kit Full archaeology kit, with several hand tools and essential accessories for excavation and exploration, in a sturdy, lockable weatherproof carrying case. 500cr/7 5 EtU48
Merr-Sonn VX-A Intelligent Toolbox Storage backpack with suite of tools and portable supplies, plus actuated arms that can hand the user tools and/or facilitate mechanics efforts. Counts as a tool kit, plus reducing the time required for repairs, crafting and other Mechanics tasks by 50%. 2500cr/8 3 FO48, SM52
Pioneer Squad Tool Kit Collection of gear for land-clearing and building-construction packed into six impact-resistant carrying cases. Includes shovels, axes, prybars, picks, vibrosaws, powered fastener drivers, collapsible ladders, repulsor hoists, glow rods, high-powered work lights, laser distancers and levels, climbing and rappelling gear, machetes, a portable power generator, and various safety gear. Adds Boost-die.pngBoost-die.png to checks made to clear land, build structures, set up obstacles, set up or disable explosives, or engage in other construction or engineering tasks in the field. 4000cr/5 25 FO48
Surveyor's Tools Kit with a variety of sensors, hand tools, measuring and recording devices for plotting out and mapping planetary surfaces. Adds Boost-die.png to Perceptions checks when plotting specific locations on a planet's surface, measuring distances, or creating detailed maps. 500cr/5 5 SS48
Tool Belt Counts as having tool kit, plus may draw tool as incidental once per encounter 500cr/5 3 FO44
Tool Kit Kit of advanced technological tools used to accomplish technical tasks. Generally allows a character to make a Skill check at all; if a kit is not required to make a check, having a kit of the appropriate type may grant Boost-die.png to the test. 350cr/2 4 AoRCore187, EoECore183, FaDCore183
Weapon Maintenance Kit Kit designed for a specific weapon type (blaster, slugthrower, vibro weapons, etc) that provides dedicated datapad database and specialized tools for working on weapons of those types. Gain Boost-die.pngBoost-die.png to Mechanics checks to work on those kinds of weapons. 450cr/3 2 SS48
Other Tools
CorChemCo "Quickflash" Burning Gel Stable, extremely caustic acid suspended in a clear gel that is burnt away by a simple electrode charge; dispenser unit contains gel and electrode wire, with pistol-grip applicator. When charged, gel burns away and activates acid, which deals 10 damage (Burn 5, Pierce 5) to entities, and basically eats through most materials. Placing correctly may require a Mechanics check. 150cr/5 1 EtU48
Corellia Mining Corp J-7b Beamdrill Powerfull beam-drill typically used to strip away rock. Grants Boost-die.png to tasks that involve cutting or carving away hard materials, such as mining or scrapping materials. Can be used as a weapon:
Beamdrill: Melee • Dam 9 • Crit 2 • Engaged • Enc 6 • HP 0 • Breach 1, Cumbersome 4, Inaccurate 2, Sunder
3000cr/5 6 SoF97
Czerka CZ-88 Heavy Loader Arm Heavy loader arm with a monotask droid brain (Brawn 5, Athletics 1). Comes mounted in a cart with a repulsorlift. May be installed in a Silhouette 3+ ship as an attachment (1 Hard Point), which may be used to lift objects onto or out of the vessel without disembarking. 1500cr/3 30 SM52
Emergency Repair Patch Patch or autohypo containing advanced silicone and wiring repair for electronic devices. May be used to gain Boost-die.png when repairing a device, or may use one as a Maneuver that restores 3 Wounds to a droid. A droid may only benefit from 5 such applications before needing repairs in more typical fashion. 25cr/1 0 AoRCore187, EoECore183
Engineer's Hammer All-purpose construction and demolitions sledge with a hammer head on one end and prybar on the other. Adds Boost-die.pngBoost-die.png to checks to build or demolish structures. Can be used as a weapon:
Engineer's Hammer: Melee • Dam +3 • Crit 5 • Engaged Range • Cumbersome 3, Disorient 1, Knockdown
350cr/2 2 FO48
Foamcast Quick-setting aerosol foam used in construction and building maintenance; hardens to plascrete hardness. May be poured into molds to form shelters and obstacles. Add Boost-die.png to checks to repair structures and vehicle hulls. Can be jury-rigged into an explosive with a Mechanics (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png; Failure-result.png explodes can and covers user in foamcast) check:
Foamcast Explosive: Mechanics • Dam 4 • Crit 5 • Short Range • Blast 4, Ensnare 4, Inferior, Prepare 2
25cr/2 1 FO44
Fusion Cutter Small handheld cutting torch that generate powerful plasma beams for cutting through durasteel, duraplast, or other materials. Can be used as a weapon:
Fusion Cutter: Melee • Dam 5 • Crit 3 • Engaged • Breach 1, Burn 3, Sunder, Vicious 3
175cr/2 2 AoRCore187
GWLC Mk. VIII Vibrosaw An industrial vibrosaw. Gain Advantage-result.png for tasks that involve cutting wood, including clearing land or building with wood.
Vibrosaw: Melee • Dam +4 • Crit 2 • Engaged • Enc 6 • HP 3 • Cumbersome 5, Pierce 2, Sunder, Vicious 2, Dangerous (Despair-result.png strikes user for base damage)
1500cr/5 6 EtU43
Hand Grinder A heavy-duty industrial hand-grinder for wearing down hardened materials. Grants Advantage-result.png to crafting checks involving large pieces of hardened metal. Can be used as a weapon:
Hand Griner: Melee • Dam +2 • Crit 4 • Engaged • Enc 6 • HP 5 • Cumbersome 3, Prepare 1, Vicious 4.
500cr/3 6 SM47
Karflo Corp G9-GP Pulse Drill Low-powered precision hand-held beamdrill. Gain Advantage-result.png on Mechanics checks to repair electronics, vehicles or droids.
Pulse Drill: Melee • Dam 5 • Crit 4 • Engaged • Enc 5 • HP 2 • Breach 1, Cumbersome 3, Inaccurate 2
1100cr/4 5 EtU43
Mechanical Dianoga A 1.5 meter flexible actuated tube, with a sealing cuff at one end with handgrips and controls, and the other has a gripping arm. Removes Setback-die.pngSetback-die.png to remove system strain from starships and vehicles. 225cr/4 4 SM52
Model 40 Field Repulsor Hoist Repulsor clamp to lift vehicles in field for repair or logistics, using control unit and attached clamps; can lift up to Silhouette 4 vehicle up to two meters off ground, Athletics (Diff = Silhouette) to push, pull, or rotate lifted vehicle. 550cr/6 (set of 6) 3 FO44
Multi-Goo Gun Tool to quickly apply superheated compounds while doing repairs, gaining Advantage-result.png when repairing droids and vehicles. Refill packs are 20cr/1 and take one acton to replace. Can be used as a weapon:
Multi-Goo Gun: Ranged (light) • Dam 2 • Crit - • Short Range • HP 1 • Disorient 1, Ensnare 4, Knockdown, Out of Ammo Threat-result.pngThreat-result.png
Pressurized Gas Cartridge: Attachment (100cr/2, 1HP) Increase base damage to 5 • Mods: Burn +1 (x2), Disorient +1 (x2)
250cr/1 2 SM45

OR-Series Tech Recycling Station Processing station that goes through junk to strip out usable goods and components. Gain Boost-die.pngBoost-die.png to Perception and Mechanics checks to scavenge parts or raw materials, completing such tasks in 50% of time. May recover half of the Material Price of any failed crafting check. 1500cr/5 10 SM52
Powered Entrenching Tool Small folding shovel with a powerful pistoning mechanism. Serrated side blades good for cutting brush and obstacles as well. Gain Success-result.png to build structures. 625cr/4 5 FO48
Regalis Engineering "Breaker" Heavy Hydrospanner Heavy-duty engineer's hydrospanner. Adds Advantage-result.png to Mechanics checks. Can be used as a weapon:
Heavy Hydrospanner: Melee • Dam +2 • Crit 4 • Engaged Range • Cumbersome 3, Disorient 1, Inaccurate 1
250cr/2 3 FO48
Repulsor Clamp A pneumatic clamp attached to a repulsor pad that can lift objects of up to 10 Encumbrance in the air easily. Having a clamp available for repairing hull trauma and Critical Hits to vehicles subtracts Setback-die.png from those checks. 250cr/1 3 SM52
Slicewire Small carbonite rod which twists open to reveal monofilament cable that can be used to cut through nearly any material, from flesh and bone to duranium and plasteel. Available in small spools containing 10 meters of wire, and can be used to construct traps and weapons, although it is dangerous to work with.
Slicewire: Brawl • Dam +2 • Crit 2 • Engaged • Pierce 2, Vicious 3, GM may spend Threat-result.pngThreat-result.pngThreat-result.png or Despair-result.png to inflict weapon damage on user.
200cr/7 1 CaM48
Verpine Bond Gauntlets Gauntlets made of a thin, flexible material that becomes rigid and supportive when current is passed through them, creating artificial stability. Grants Boost-die.png to checks made to handle volatile materials or perform delicate work. 250cr/6 1 SoR111
Verpine Headband Small headband that administers tiny electrical shocks to brain centers that involve wakefulness. Wearers do not become incapacitated by exceeding Strain threshold, though does take a wound for each point of Strain in excess, plus remaining Disoriented for as long as Strain exceeds threshold. 500cr/6 1 SoR111
Vibro-Pickaxe Heavy duty tool used for excavation and demolition. Requires two hands to use and adds Boost-die.png to checks involving breaking rocks, ground clearing, etc. Can be used as a weapon:
Vibro-Pickaxe: Melee • Dam +2 • Crit 2 • Engaged Range • Cumbersome 4, Pierce 3, Sunder, Vicious 1
650cr/4 5 FO48
Welding Rod An industrial welding rig. Gain Success-result.png to repair droids and vehicles. Can be used as a weapon:
Welding Rod: Melee • Dam 3 • Crit 2 • Engaged • Enc 4 • HP 0 • Breach 1, Inaccurate 2
1750cr/5 4 SM47
WJ-880 Blinding Helmet Helmet with a blinding shield over eyes; adds Setback-die.pngSetback-die.pngSetback-die.png to combat checks (and other checks that rely on sight). Used during Republic era by Jedi to help shape skill with Force perception. 10cr/8R 3 KtP50

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