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|Astrogation=''xxx:'' Add x to all astrogation attempts to or from {{{PlanetName}}}.
==System Symbols==
==System Symbols==

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Astrographical Information
Region xxx
Sector xxxx
System xxx
Suns xxx
Orbital Position xxx
Moons x
Coordinates xxx
Rotation Period xxx standard hours
Orbital Period xxx local days
Planetary Information
Class xxx
Climate xxx
Atmosphere Type x (xxx)
Gravity xxx
Primary Terrain xxx
Societal Information
Native Species xxx
Immigrated Species xxx
Primary Language xxx
Government xxx
Population xxx
• xxx x%
Major Cities xxx
Major Imports xxx
Major Exports xxx
Affiliation xxx
Mechanical Information
Astrogation xxx: Add x to all astrogation attempts to or from {{{PlanetName}}}.
Knowledges {{{Knowledges}}}
Rarity Modifier {{{RarityModifier}}}
Other Mechanics None

System Symbols


Setback: Setback-die.png Difficulty: Difficulty-die.png Challenge: Challenge-die.png

Boost: Boost-die.png Ability: Ability-die.png Proficiency: Proficiency-die.png

Force: Force-die.png


Success: Success-result.png Advantage: Advantage-result.png Triumph: Triumph-result.png

Failure: Failure-result.png Threat: Threat-result.png Despair: Despair-result.png

Light Side Point: LightForce-result.png Dark Side Point: DarkForce-result.png Force Point (Either): EitherForce-result.png