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Her name is Jessica Fitzpatrick.

Snappy dresser. Fanatical worker. Loves her job. Loves her marriage more than her actual husband, who is usually somewhere in Europe for work. Loves her dogs. Loves her teenage son almost as much as the dogs. Loves her fantastic office with the view of the bay & the way it seems to frame the Statue of Liberty so perfectly. She's coveted that office from the first day she set foot in it as a lowly police officer delivering paperwork to the Detective Sergeant at the time. She worked her way up to detective and busted her ass to make Detective Sergeant at such a young age and now she has her eyes trained on Detective Lieutenant, although she thinks she'll keep this office all the same. She'll be the boss around here, she can do that right? Jessica loves to close a case. She relishes the mystery she calls the hunt and the excitement of catching the bad guy. She loves to catch bad guys.

That's who she was. But another voice seems far more familiar now than any other she once knew.

"Fetch Seeker"...

Yes. Her name is Seeker. She is the Master of the Estate's favorite hound. She loves the Master. She loves the hunt. She loves to fetch for or catch her Masters prey. Loves her fantastic kennel with the view of the gardens & the way it seems to frame the statue of the Master so perfectly. She'd worked so hard to rise above all the other hounds so that she could...have No, kennel.

"Oh gods. I will never be able to forget the smell of his slippers in my nose in the mornings as I fetched them for his cold feet. Or the feeling of his hands as they would scratch behind my ears. But I remember his punishments as well, though I was a good dog & suffered them less than others. It's now like a dream that I cannot escape. A longing...that at the same time repulses me to remember. And I still cannot tell who I am. What I am. Am I a woman or am I a hound?"

And the memory that was her salvation. The memory that brought her back to this place that was once the realm of her life. Now it haunts her. For when she looks out at the bay, it is not Lady Liberty who stands there looming so tall. It is the Master of the Estate. Massive, angry & looking for her, his faithless hound.

  • I'm going to take the Dual Kith (same seeming) 2 point merit; taking both Cleareyes & Truefriend from the Beast seeming. Also interested in Hedge Gate Sense.
  • Do I want a little Hollow? Hrm...
  • Interested in the Contracts: Smoke, Wild, Den, Fang & Talon.

A Family Absconded


Horace Shaff (husband)

Words go here.


Kyle Fitzpatrick (son)

Words go here.


Peter Fitzpatrick (brother)

Words go here.


  • Virtue: Charity Faith Fortitude Hope Justice Prudence Temperance; Vice: Envy Gluttony Greed Lust Pride Sloth Wrath; Concept: X
  • Seeming: X; Kith: X; Court: X
  • Attributes
    • Mental: Intelligence X, Wits X, Resolve X
    • Physical: Strength X, Dexterity X, Stamina X
    • Social: Presence X, Manipulation X, Composure X
  • Abilities
    • Mental: Academics X, Computer X, Crafts X, Investigation X, Medicine X, Occult X, Politics X, Science X
    • Physical: Athletics X, Brawl X, Drive X, Firearms X, Larceny X, Stealth X, Survival X, Weaponry X
    • Social: Animal Ken X, Empathy X, Expression X, Intimidation X, Persuasion X, Socialize X, Streetwise X, Subterfuge X
  • Merits
    • Mental: X
    • Physical: X
    • Social: X
    • Changeling: X
  • Wyrd: X (Glamour/Turn: X); Contracts: X
  • Health [Size + Stamina], Willpower [Resolve + Composure], Clarity X ([Derangements])
  • Size [5], Speed [Strength + Dexterity + 5], Defense [Lowest of Dexterity and Wits], Initiative [Dexterity + Composure]
  • Weapons: Weapon (Stats)
  • Armor: X (equipment/source)
  • Flaws: X