Shattered Covenant Quest List

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Active Quests

  • Mother Arcri - Investigate silence from Darburl agent, Uncle Dunkless, at Nightstone.

Nearly Complete

Offered Quests

  • Emerald Enclave from Brevanne - Check on dryads in the woods. Black Branch north of Daggerford (done), Warden's Wood (done), Elf Wood, Gerd Trees, the Ghostlight Wood near the Lizard Marsh. There is a young green dragon in the Blight Wood.
  • Bounty board in Daggerford at the barracks
    • Bullywug Tongues - Bullywugs in the Lizard Marsh. Area around Vantage has toothy bullywugs. Baroness Cromm offering 10 gp/tongue
    • Thorn Beast of Union - Thorny beast terrorizing Union, Vantage, and Potter. 50 gp by Baroness Cromm
    • Marsh Hag - Green hag in Lizard Marsh killed the wife of Rock Island's reeve. 100 gp bounty from Baroness, plus 150 gp bounty from reeve if wedding ring is returned.
    • The Heart - Lt. of Stag Lord preying on merchant caravans. 200 gp bounty dead or alive.

Possible Quest Hooks

  • Odd jobs in Daggerford
  • What is up with the Duchess?

Gossipy Shit

  • Follow the river east of Warden to the Crag. Some are deep enough to lead to the Underdark.
  • Just before the Delimbyr empties into the Lizard Marsh, there is an old wizard's tower on a rocky island that's never been raided.
  • To the north of the hills east of Daggerford is a haunted monastery. It was cursed, and all their treasure was left behind.
  • In the hills north of Warden, there's an old dwarven mine.
  • Old Kings Hill is crowned by the ruins of ancient city Delimbyran. It is a terrible place, but adventurers find treasures there.


  • Tend to the Mud Creek refugees at the werebear den.
  • Zhentarim - Check on Dowager Blackwood out at the manor near Mud Creek. Find out what happened to her missing troops, deal with the pyrophobic giant harassing her estate. Quel offered a retainer position at the manor for his services.
  • Stillwater - Scout the giant camps near town
  • Harpers - Where are the slaves being taken? Suspect Serpent Kingdom of Najara or the Underdark. Try to take a hobgoblin alive for questioning. UwU and Red Wizard dead. Goblins no longer under hire.
  • Find dirt on Lady Belinda Anteos of the Sword Coast Traders Bank to apply pressure for her to release funds to help the refugees in Daggerford. Dirt found, blackmail successful
  • Grave Robber of Gillian's Hill - Graves being dug up. May Creek and Fiveleagues also hit. 180 gp bounty. Graves robbed for reanimation by Red Wizard
  • Delfin - Investigate the silence from Lord Floshin's estate. The Heart driven off, estate closed for the season