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Race: Wolf, Class: Wolf Companion
Background: None, Alignment: Lawful neutral
Patron Deity: Moon
Factions: None
Ability Scores
Strength 12 (+1), Dexterity 15 (+2), Constitution 12 (+1);
Intelligence 3 (-4), Wisdom 12 (+1), Charisma 6 (-2)
Bonus: +2
Saving Throws:
Str: 3, DEX: 4, Con: 3, INT: -2, Wis: 3, Cha: 0
Skills: None
Tools: None
Languages: Bark!
Armor: Fur
Weapons: Teeth and Claws
None, Feature: None
Attacks: Bite
Armor Class: 15, Initiative: 2, Speed: 40
Hit Points: 11, Hit Dice: 1d10
Personality Traits: I stay on alert so others can rest.
Ideals: Meddling in the affairs of others only causes trouble.
Bonds: Meepo is a beloved companion for whom I would gladly give my life.
Flaws: If thereʼs food left unattended, Iʼll eat it.

NPC wolf companion to Meepo in Lost Timelines Bark! Woof woof *Growl* Bark!!
-Irontooth the Mighty

Theme Song

Spider wolf, spider wolf, Does whatever a spider wolf does...
-Pup Jarrad


Meepo found me along in the forest after I was lost a rabbit I was chasing. Meepo said some words and threw me some food. It was strange and tasted of spicy plants I sometimes naw on. I felt strange words in my head then looked up to find Meepo saying those words to me. Calming words. I felt like he was a safe creature. I pad closer and he gave me more food. I feel safe with Meepo. I want to be with him. Maybe this is my pack.


Sex: Male
Height: 2.6" (Paws to shoulder)
Weight: 130
Fur: Dark brown with a white undercoat
Eyes: Golden


Personality Traits

  • I stay on alert so others can rest.
  • Sexuality: Used for mating. Especially when females are in heat.

Racial Traits

  • Pack Tactics: If at least one non-incapacitated ally is within 5 feet of a creature you are attacking, you gain Advantage on attack rolls against that


  • Keen Hearing and Smell: The wolf has advantage on Wisdom (Perception) that have to do with hearing and smell


  • Acrobatics: 2
  • Animal Handling: 1
  • Arcana: -4
  • Athletics: 3
  • Deception: -2
  • History: -2
  • Insight: 1
  • Intimidation: -2
  • Investigation: -4
  • Medicine: 1
  • Nature: -4
  • Perception: 3
  • Performance: -2
  • Persuasion: -2
  • Religion: 1
  • Slight of Hand: 2
  • Stealth: 4
  • Survival: 3

Other Important Individuals

  • Meepo: Meepo took Softy on as his companion. He keeps calling me softy so I guess thats what I am called now.

Projects, Goals and/or Downtime

  • Gotta make sure I don't go hungry. Meepo and his friends dont always hunt but some how still leaves so many scraps around. They taste pretty good though...such new and exciting flavors and smells!!!