Star Wars Force House Rules

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Force Power-Specific Tricks

  • A lot of Force powers suggest certain tricks that the mechanics don't specifically cover.
  • If you have that Force Power, you may spend a Destiny Point to perform such a "trick." The DM may allocate a specific check in the case of particularly powerful or advantageous applications of the power, but the expenditure generally assumes the effect works.

Flexible Force Power Use

  • Force-sensitives routinely express a wide variety of abilities through focus and need.
  • As an Force-using character may spend a Destiny Point to get single-use access to a Force Power they do not have - or to get access to an ability more advanced than they have access to.
  • Roll Force-die.png: each EitherForce-result.png can effectively "jump" the character up one additional node in a Power Tree.
    • The character may use DarkForce-result.png without spending an additional Destiny Point, but must still take Strain and Conflict for them as usual.
    • If this is not enough to accomplish the task, the character may generate additional EitherForce-result.png by taking 1 Strain per additional point necessary to accomplish the feat. This can render a character unconscious with the effort.

Joined in the Force

  • Force-sensitives who are familiar with one another can align their wills within the Force, working together to achieve great aims.
  • Alignment Check: This takes an action in which the Force-using characters align their awareness of one another in the Living Force, and make a Willpower (Discipline) or Presence (Cool) Difficulty-die.png check, as a Force check. This Difficulty upgrades once for every person involved in the action beyond the first (so for two Force-sensitives, it is a Challenge-die.png, and three it is Challenge-die.pngDifficulty-die.png).
  • For every Success-result.png scored, they may contribute one of their generated EitherForce-result.png. If any of the contributed points are DarkForce-result.png, everyone involved gains a point of Conflict per point.
  • Those Force results can be spent to power any Force ability possessed by one of the Force-sensitives so aligned.