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Alpha (Persistent)
You are an alpha werewolf, imbued with a spark of leadership and power. You have greater control over your shapeshifting: you can always roll your full Stamina + Resolve + Harmony as a reflexive action to shapeshift, and shapeshifting actions no longer inflict damage on you.

For the purpose of interacting with your Feral Wolf, your Harmony is always considered one die higher, and anytime you gain a point of Essence for fulfilling your Feral Wolf Archetype, you also regain a Willpower. Feral Triggers are reduced by one point of Rage gain, but when you face down your Feral Wolf, it is now an opposed test (your Resolve + Harmony against your own Wits + Primal Urge). When Hunting the Wolf, you are always hunting your Feral Wolf, regardless of your respective Harmony and Primal Urge ratings.

You gain access to a number of mechanical benefits, including the Dominance Howl (see Howls). If you are the alpha of a pack, you also have a pool of dice equal to the number of packmates in that pack. You can draw these extra dice to add to any action you take. You can even spend these dice as though they were Essence. Once a die is used from the pool it is gone, but the pool refreshes at sunset every day. Any packmates who have a Harmony of 0 may purchase their first point of Harmony for 2 Experiences, rather than the normal 3.
Possible Sources: Killing another alpha by your own claws and teeth, or successfully challenging the alpha of your own pack. Undertaking the Ancient Hunt.
Resolution: You are defeated in an alpha challenge. You sacrifice your alpha nature to power some magic, or otherwise have it stolen from you.
Beats: Gain a beat when you are forced into damaging or traumatic situations in order to preserve your pack. You also gain Primal Beats based on Alpha Lineage.