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Athletic (Downtime)
You are focused on sports, martial arts or other physical activities; Dedicated Beats apply to Physical Traits. For each week of downtime (to a maximum number equal to your Willpower), you may take one use of an Athletic Benefit. For each such instance taken, one future beat becomes a Dedicated Beat when it is awarded.
In Good Shape (Benefit): Gain one use of the Rote Action quality to a Physical Skill roll.
No Pain, No Gain (Benefit): Reduce all wound- and pain-penalties by half for a number of turns equal to your Stamina.
Pushing Through (Benefit): Reduce one lethal wound to a bashing wound.
Possible Sources: Spend one month working out or otherwise engaging in physical activities regularly.
Resolution: Go one week without working out or otherwise engaging in physical activities. You lose any unused Athletic Benefits when you resolve this Condition, but Dedicated Beats must still be spent on Physical Traits.
Beats: n/a