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Exarchal Dreams (Persistent)
Your character has come to the attention of the Exarchs, usually by calling upon their symbols in her own magic or by encountering them during her Awakening. A black iron door- way has appeared in her Oneiros, and it’s only a matter of time before it opens and something drags her through. Each time your character uses an Exarch as a Yantra she risks opening the door.

When she gains this Condition, make a note of which Exarchs your character has used as patrons or seen in an Iron Seal and record one point of Notice. Each time she uses patron tools as a Yantra, she gains a point of Notice. If she has already used that Exarch as a patron before, record another point of Notice.

When her Gnosis + Notice reaches 10 or more, she is dragged off into a Supernal harrowing the next time she sleeps or enters the Astral Realms. For a Pentacle mage, this is almost certainly a death sentence, unless he “repents” and swears loyalty to the angry Supernal entities torturing him. If she survives, she will likely return as a Prelate of the appropriate Exarch.

Seers have already sworn themselves to the Exarchs, and as such add their dots in Seers of the Throne Status to their Notice upon gaining this Condition. A Seer or a character who had a Tyrannic Awakening (p. 138) can never reduce his Notice below his dots in that Merit.

At the start of each chapter, subtract one point of Notice, and another two if the character did not use magic during the previous chapter. At the start of a new story, the character’s Notice resets to 1.
Possible Sources: Using Patron Tools as a Yantra without Prelacy, Full Understanding of an Iron Seal Aedes, a Tyrannic Awakening.
Resolution: The character reduces her Notice to 0 or goes through a Supernal harrowing. This Condition does not resolve at the end of a story, but her Notice resets as above.
Arcane Beats: You gain a point of Notice.