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You are under the dominion of your Feral Wolf. You behave with feral abandon, and seek to find or manufacture a breaking point of the werewolf's human nature to instigate. Your behaviors are governed by two things during this time: the Instinct that triggered the Feral Shift, and the Feral Wolf Archtype. You also run from or lash out at threats. -2 Defense. Rolls to compel aggression or flight are exceptional at 3 successes. If this is not Resolved by the following sunrise, the Condition ends without Resolution.
Possible Sources: Failing to resist a Feral Shift.
Resolution: A breaking point is incurred, whether passed or failed, or causing damage in someone's last three Health boxes. When this Condition ends (whether by rise of sun or Resolution), gain a Primal beat instead of a normal beat, as well as an amount of Essence equal to your Primal Urge. If this occurs on the night of the full moon, completely refill your Essence pool.
Beats: n/a