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The entity has secured itself to an object or creature. As long as it remains Fettered, the entity is safe from Essence Bleed. The entity remains in Twilight, and must stay within five yards of the Fetter. Most entities Fettering themselves literally hide inside their Fetters if they are small enough. The entity pays one fewer Essence for using Influences on the Fetter, but may not use them or Numina on another target as long as the Fetter lasts.
The Fettered entity may also use the Fetter Manifestation to attempt to inflict the Urged Condition on their Fetter.
Possible Sources: Use of the Fetter Manifestation on a target with the Open Influence Condition.
Resolution: Fetters are permanent unless the prerequisite Conditions are ended, or if the subject of the Fetter is destroyed or (if a living being) killed. The entity can voluntarily end the Condition by using the Unfetter Manifestation Effect. A successful exorcism removes this Condition.