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Ignis Fatuus
Your vision is overlaid with strange hallucinations and ghostly, vibrant flames that limn sources of strong life force. You have a -3 penalty to all Perception rolls, though you may focus your attention and throw the hallucinations off for a scene by spending 1 Willpower. Other attempting to make Social rolls against you do so at a -3 penalty - you barely notice their efforts to sway you, so distracted are you by the hallucinations. Tracking tests to track you gain a +1 bonus, however. Those who view you with spirit-sight of some kind see your eyes glowing a feral, terrible predatory yellow.
Possible Sources: Sleeping in, or eating/drinking from a place of great Resonance, where the Gauntlet is very weak.
Resolution: Ignis Fatuus fades after the afflicted has spent an amount of Willpower to overcome it equal to (10 - Resolve). Someone can also provide spiritual healing techniques, using Wits + Occult rolls, taking an hour of treatment, once per day. Successes from this roll are treated as spent Willpower for the purpose of determining whether the hallucinations are overcome.
Beats: xxx