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You are under the dominion of your xxx. You behave with a kind of madness. You might also inflict the Madness Condition on those in your immediate vicinity: if the target's Resolve + Composure + Primal Urge is equal to or less than your Manipulation + Primal Urge, they are immediately afflicted with the Madness Condition, which manifests in a way that is appropriate to that person's history of mental health and/or environmental conditions. For each point of Essence that you have spent in this scene, your effective Presence + Primal Urge is increased by +1 for the purpose of determining who is affected by this Condition.
Possible Sources: Failing to fight the Lunacy.
Resolution: A breaking point is incurred, whether passed or failed, or causing damage in someone's last three Health boxes. When this Condition ends (whether by rise of sun or Resolution), gain a Primal beat, as well as an amount of Essence equal to your Primal Urge.
Beats: None