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Your character has taken on a vow or obligation, burdening herself with limitations in the Fallen such that she may draw mana from the Supernal. She must take on the vow voluntarily and cannot overcome it with magic; a fasting mage cannot remove her need for food nor undo the deleterious effects of hunger.

Each week that the character has this Condition, she gains one point of Mana. When resolving the Condition via mun- dane means she regains a point of Willpower, however, should she resolve this Condition with magic, she instead loses all her stored Mana the turn after she starts casting. As such, she can only spend Mana on instant cast spells, and only up to her maximum Mana per turn.
Possible Sources: Mage takes an Obligation.
Resolution: Take an action that violates the vow, either mitigating its effects with magic, or directly contravening it by mundane means