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Packbound (Persistent)
You are bonded to another member of your pack (who may or may not be a werewolf). You feel close to them, and gain a number of benefits due to your werewolf nature from interaction with them. Social Maneuvers from your bondmate require one less Door per dot you have in the Pack Merit. Additionally, though, all shapeshifting actions require one less success in general; if you have packmates present when you are shapeshifting, the number of successes required is reduced by the number of those bondmates plus one. This can be reduced to 0, allowing your shapeshifting to be a diceless, automatic action unless you are fighting the Feral Shift.
Possible Sources: The Pack Merit.
Resolution: The death or pack-departure of your packmate.
Beats: Do something in support or protection of your bondmate that puts you in significant danger or risk of some kind.