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Your soul's pattern is filled with pneuma, the rarified magical power of the Supernal untainted by the Fallen World. When using mana, your mana cost drops to 0, you cancel all Paradox dice, and you win all Clashes of Wills.

When you use mana, the pneuma has a chance of sublimating into normal mana. Roll a number of dice equal to the points of mana you would have spent, plus 2 dice for each time you have made this test previously.

Failure causes you to retain your pneuma, and a dramatic failure resets dice from previous tests to 0. Success sublimates your pneuma into one point of mana per success; an exceptional success instead fills your mana pool entirely with mana.
Possible Sources: Close soul-contact with the Supernal; typically only after Awakening.
Resolution: Pneuma sublimates into mana. Gain an Arcane Beat.