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This object, corpse, or living being is being temporarily controlled by an ephemeral entity. Living hosts are put into a coma-like state while being possessed; they experience the possession as missing time, aside from flashbacks that might come out in dreams or times of stress such as losing Integrity. The entity may not use Numina or Influences while controlling the host, but is safe from Essence Bleed for as long as the possession lasts.

The entity may pay one Essence per turn to heal a lethal or bashing wound or a point of structure lost to damage. Corpses that died from damage begin Possession incapacitated, and must be “healed” with Essence,
Entities possessing inanimate objects or corpses have a great deal of control over their host. An entity controlling an object can’t make it do anything it couldn’t do while be- ing operated, but it can turn switches on and off, operate machinery, use keyboards, and turn dials. Use the entity’s Finesse if dice rolls are necessary.
Corpses and other articulated hosts capable of movement, like shop mannequins or industrial robots, use their own Physical Attributes, but use the entity’s Attributes in Social or Mental rolls. By spending a point of Essence, the entity can use its own Attributes instead of the host’s for Physical tasks for a turn, but doing so causes one point of lethal damage or structure loss to the host.
Living hosts require more time for the entity to gain full control, and always use their own Attributes. The entity may read the host’s mind with a Finesse Roll at a -4 penalty, use the host’s physical skills at a -3 penalty, and use their social and mental skills at a -4 penalty. These penalties are all reduced by one die per day that the entity has been Fettered to the host. Most possessing entities Fetter themselves to their intended hosts, and use the Possess Manifestation Effect to take full control only in emergencies.
To possess a host, the entity must remain in Twilight, superimposed over the host. This means that if the host touches the entity’s bane, or is injured by a weapon made of the bane, the entity will suffer wounds to its Corpus.
Possible Sources: Use of the Possession Manifestation on a target with the Open Condition.
Resolution: The possession lasts for a single scene, unless the entity abandons it early or the host is killed or destroyed. Abjurations, exorcisms, and forced contact with banes and bans can all motivate an entity to release a host.