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Radiation Poisoning (Persistent)
You have been exposed to atomic radiation and suffer radiation poisoning symptoms, including nausea and vomiting, anemia, red and blistering skin, dizziness, and seizures. You suffer from poison with a Toxicity based on the severity and duration of your exposure. It deals damage once per day. You suffer the grave Poisoned Tilt during action scenes instead. In addition, without supernatural healing, double the time interval for all healing rolls. You also suffer a -2 penalty to all Mental rolls. It is possible for this Condition to be temporary with a low enough exposure to radiation.
Possible Sources: Exposure to radiation
Resolution: Receive ongoing medical treatment sufficient to treat the dosage. A chapter passes and you increase your Stamina. (If non-persistent, resolve after a full scene of medical treatment and a chapter passes.)
Beats: Wound penalty increases or you lose consciousness due to damage from this Condition.