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The Rest
Those who divide the world into "the West; and the Rest" inevitably look poorly on your skin color. There is a sort of casual racism inherent in the character of the time, one which everyone takes for granted (though this doesn't negate the damage it does to marginalized peoples). In addition to folk simply making life difficult for no good reason, take a -2 penalty to Social rolls against those with forthright racist worldviews.

Note that not all Victorian characters of color are required to take this Condition; this should only be taken by those who wish to engage with that style of play. Otherwise, while such opinions are assumed to go on in the background, they simply don't come up "on screen".
Possible Sources: Being non-white in Victorian England
Resolution: Living in lands uninfluenced by Europeans (best of luck)
Beats: Every time someone makes things difficult for you because of your skin tone, including failing a roll which includes the penalty above, take a Beat.