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Sacred Hunt - Full Moon (Persistent)
You have participated in a successful Sacred Hunt rite, and now have a chosen prey. The exact effects of this Condition depend on the phase of the moon when the Sacred Hunt is called. The pack may also hunt in any of their forms, for while they are on the Sacred Hunt, encountering them in any non-human form inflicts lunacy, the exact madness of which depends on the phase of the moon (this functions as the Madness Condition).
Full Moon: Fury, raw and intoxicating, flows through the veins of the pack members, granting them 9-Agains on all Physical rolls intended to do injury to the prey. The pack all also gain a second Vice: Wrath, which grants Willpower for unnecessary or excessive expressions of anger and violence. The Hunters inflict terrible, primal fear on those who encounter them, who flee in near-mindless terror from a thing they cannot truly describe.
Possible Sources: The Sacred Hunt Rite
Resolution: The prey is brought down in the way expressed during the performance of the Sacred Hunt Rite. If the moon sets or the sun rises before this happens, this Condition ends without resolving.
Beats: Your character achieves an exceptional success on an action involving the Hunt for the prey.