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Supernal Disease (Arcane)
Your Awakened soul has been suffused with Life magic gone wrong, and its virulence rises a fever and boils when you tap into the Mysteries. The first time you cast a spell in the scene, take the Sick Tilt at the Moderate degree. Should you gain a dramatic failure on any kind of spellcasting or occult ability, it upgrades to Grave degree. Additionally, lose two dice from all spellcasting rolls for the Life Arcanum; you may negate this penalty by spending 1 Mana.
Possible Sources: Dramatic Failure on a Life arcanum spellcasting roll
Resolution: Gain an exceptional success on a Life arcanum spellcasting roll; resolve this Condition instead of taking another Condition.
Arcane Beats: Anytime this Condition causes you to fail a roll due to penalties or fail the spellcasting roll from the Life arcanum, take an Arcane Beat (maximum of 1 Beat per scene).