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Supernal Erosion (Arcane)
Your Awakened soul has been suffused with Matter magic gone wrong, and its calcifying erosion destroys inanimate things that remain in contact with you. The use of any item has an equipment penalty equal to your Matter rating. A dramatic failure on a test with such a penalty causes the item to break, some small, vital component of it eroded away. Additionally, things you touch for long periods of time – notably equipment and clothing – are eroded away to shabby, torn, and useless things within a few hours time. Objects with Structure ratings take 1 point of Structure damage once every (6 - Matter rating) hours. Additionally, lose two dice from all spellcasting rolls for the Matter Arcanum; you may negate this penalty by spending 1 Mana.

Possible Sources: Dramatic Failure on a Matter arcanum spellcasting roll
Resolution: Gain an exceptional success on a Matter arcanum spellcasting roll; resolve this Condition instead of taking another Condition.
Arcane Beats: Anytime this Condition causes you to fail a test, destroys equipment, or fail the spellcasting roll from the Matter arcanum, take an Arcane Beat (maximum of 1 Beat per scene).