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Supernal Static (Arcane)
Your Awakened soul has been suffused with Forces magic gone wrong, and uncontrolled arcs of lightning light up and down your nerves occasionally. In any physically stressful situation, make a Resolve + Stamina - Forces test; on a failure, you take the Stunned Tilt as pain courses through your body. Additionally, all energy-based mundane and magical attacks inflict one additional level of damage to you while you are under the effects of this Condition. Additionally, lose two dice from all spellcasting rolls for the Forces Arcanum; you may negate this penalty by spending 1 Mana.

Possible Sources: Dramatic Failure on a Forces arcanum spellcasting roll
Resolution: Gain an exceptional success on a Forces arcanum spellcasting roll; resolve this Condition instead of taking another Condition.
Arcane Beats: Anytime this Condition causes you to be Stunned, take additioinal damage, or fail the spellcasting roll from the Forces arcanum, take an Arcane Beat (maximum of 1 Beat per scene).