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Underworld Gate
The location has an open gateway to the Underworld. All ghosts regain one Essence per scene that they are in the gateway’s presence, and ghosts without anchors may use it to reenter the world.
Possible Sources: Use of the Avernian Gateway Manifestation on a target with the Open Condition. Some supernatural beings with ties to death are also able to open Avernian Gateways. Even mortals can open a gate if one is present and they know the proper means. Mortals who conduct rituals to first open a Death-Resonant location housing a gate can unlock it, causing this Condition, but require the key to do so. Every Gateway has a key — an item or action that will open it. Keys can be physical objects, but are also sometimes actions or emotions, or are tied to times and events; a Gate might open for a murder at midnight, when touched with a certain doll, or when a woman betrayed in love turns her back on it three times. Researching a proper key is a difficult Intelligence + Occult roll, with a -3 to -5 dice modifier.
Resolution: At the end of the scene, the Condition fades. An exorcism directed at the gate can end the Condition early.