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Omega (Persistent)
You are an omega werewolf, one of the pathetic packless loner wolves who scamper at the edges of werewolf society. Your control over your Feral Wolf is less sure, as you are denied the stability of a pack that your Feral Wolf craves. You are considered a loose cannon by other werewolves, a dangerous liability in any pack's territory due to your tempestuous relationship with your Feral Wolf.

Your Feral Wolf has greater influence over you than normal. Your Feral Wolf may spend as much Rage as it likes in inflicting penalties to your Feral Test, and you lose 10-Agains on the Feral Test. You also lost 10-Agains in all Social tests against other non-Omega werewolves, who can detect your Omega nature and instinctively despise you for it. You also cannot increase your Harmony while you have this Condition.

Other non-Omega werewolves gain 1 Rage when they smell your scent for the first time.
Possible Sources: Being a werewolf without the Alpha Condition and not having the Packbound Condition.
Resolution: Gaining either the Packbound or the Alpha Conditions.
Beats: Gain a beat when you are forced to flee or fight other werewolves who resent your intrusion into their territories.