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Race: {{{Race}}}, Class: {{{Class}}},
Background: {{{Background}}}, Alignment: {{{Alignment}}},
Patron Deity: {{{Patron Deity}}}
Ability Scores
{{{Ability Scores}}}
Bonus: {{{Bonus}}},
Saving Throws: {{{Saving Throws}}},
Skills: {{{Skills}}},
Tools: {{{Tools}}},
Languages: {{{Languages}}},
Armor: {{{Armor}}},
Weapons: {{{Weapons}}}
Armor Class: {{{Armor Class}}}, Initiative: {{{Initiative}}}, Speed: {{{Speed}}},
Hit Points: {{{Hit Points}}}, Hit Dice: {{{Hit Dice}}}
Ideals: {{{Ideals}}},
Bonds: {{{Bonds}}},
Flaws: {{{Flaws}}}