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Astrographical Information
Region {{{Region}}}
Sector {{{Sector}}}
System {{{System}}}
Suns {{{Sun}}}
Orbital Position {{{OrbitalPosition}}}
Moons {{{Moons}}}
Coordinates {{{Coordinates}}}
Rotation Period {{{RotationPer}}}
Orbital Period {{{OrbitalPer}}}
Planetary Information
Class {{{Class}}}
Climate {{{Climate}}}
Atmosphere {{{Atmo}}}
Gravity {{{Gravity}}}
Primary Terrain {{{PrimTerrain}}}
Societal Information
Native Species {{{NatSpecies}}}
Immigrated Species {{{ImmSpecies}}}
Primary Language {{{Languages}}}
Government {{{Government}}}
Population {{{Population}}}
Major Cities {{{Cities}}}
Major Imports {{{Imports}}}
Major Exports {{{Exports}}}
Affiliation {{{Affiliation}}}
Mechanical Information
Astrogation {{{Astrogation}}}
Knowledges {{{Knowledges}}}
Rarity Modifier {{{RarityModifier}}}
Other Mechanics {{{OtherMechanics}}}