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Noble Villas

Private Homes

  • None

Mage Residences

  • The Dragon Tower (Ruined): A wizard's tower in the shape of a dragon rampant, once encircled by walls and an aura of menace, the magic in this domicile practically detonated during the Spellplagues first rising, sending the majority of the tower hurtling into the air above Waterdeep, to come raining down in a thousand pieces, wrecking neighboring buildings. To this day, the grounds are still magically tumultuous, with a Watch warning posted with a command to keep out. Only rough wooden boarding is used to cover over gaping portions of the old wall, though, and those with a mind to enter it can do so easily.
  • Naingate: A walled enclosure around a famous wizard's tower with a magical mid-air waterfall that appears in the courtyard, appearing from nothing and splashing but not collecting on the cobblestones. Naingate is today occupied by the enigmatic magus Xorone of the Libram, the Arcane Watchlord of the Waterdhavian Watch.
  • Blue Alley: A large, windowless stone building that houses a deadly magical trap-laden obstacle course, created by a wizard (who may or may not yet live there) to test the avaricious fools who wander into its blue-tiled passages.
  • Archemidal'’s Tower: Private Home of Archemidal Sulfontis (Mage) (formerly Tessalar's Tower)


  • Stagdown Manse: Rental Villa