The Jedi: Dantooine Enclave

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The Outer Rim world of Dantooine has hosted a Jedi Enclave for several decades. Founded by the vaunted Master Vodo-Siosk Baas, the Dantooine Enclave served as a training ground for the most promising of students. Following the death of Master Baas at the hands of his fallen Padawan Exar Kun, leadership of the Enclave was passed to a small collection of Jedi Masters of the High Council.

The Current Enclave Council

Jedi Master Vrook Lamar, a Human Male - known for his staunch conservatism and deep reluctance of allowing Padawans on dangerous assignments.
Jedi Master Vandar Tokare, a Male member of "Yoda's Species" - the oldest of Masters on Dantooine, Tokare served for over two centuries on Ossus. Master Tokare is well regarded for his wise insights into the will of the Force.
Jedi Master Aleco Stusea, a Female near-Human - Master Stusea has served on the Enclave Council since the death of Master Baas. Her frustration with her fellow Masters has grown over the years and has remained a poorly kept secret.
Jedi Master Bala Nisi, a Human Female - a renown Jedi sage, Master Nisi provides a liberal balance to Master Lamar's strict concervatism.

Other Jedi Masters and Knights

The Enclave Council does not comprise all of the Masters on Dantooine. There are others, either permanent residents or regular visitors, that aid in the training of the best and brightest of the new generation of Jedi.
Jedi Master Dorak, a Male Human, a noted historian and chronicler, Master Dorak has recently been named Chronicler of the Jedi by the Council of First Knowledge.
Jedi Master Zhar Lestin, a Male Twi'lek - A Jedi Instructor who trained students on Coruscant during the early construction of the Jedi Temple.
Jedi Master Qual, a Male Selkath - Master Qual has remained in seclusion beyond the Enclave Grounds for well over a decade.
Jedi Master Kom Organa, a Human Male. Son of the Organa family of Alderaan, Kom has personally seen to the training of several promising Padawans
Jedi Knight Kavar, male Human.
Jedi Knight Quatra, a femal Human.
Jedi Knight Vima Sunrider, Human Female. Daughter of the Grand Master, Vima has come to Dantooine to aid the Enclave Council. It is rumored that she has had a falling out with her mother.

Jedi Students

Meetra Surik, human female. - Brash and emotional, her training on Dantooine has continued mainly for her rare talent of Force Bounding
Alek Squinquargesimus, Male
Denrev Ann, Male Human - an exceptional Jedi, largely believed he will become a hero of the Order
Juhani, Female Cathar. Juhani continues to struggle with her emotions following the genocide of her people at the hands of the Mandalorians.